CMC Sales and Marketing’s Partnership with Simplified Trade has Exceeded All Expectations

The partnership was made just one year ago and has been instrumental in building sales and supporting client satisfaction.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2021 / -- CMC Sales and Marketing is pleased to announce that the partnership with Simplified Trade, now just over a year old, is resulting in increased sales due to real time transparency – enabling the company to affect immediate change to support clients.

CMC Sales and Marketing is a premier full-service food brokerage company specializing in conventional and Hispanic retail channels for perishables, grocery, and multi-cultural products. The company boasts over 30 years of expertise working in the industry and the markets it serves. At its core, CMC Sales and Marketing prides itself on its superior performance record, deep market relationships, and transparent model.

This year marks the one year anniversary of CMC’s partnership with Simplified Trade and its founder, Matt King. The collaboration enables CMC to quickly update survey questions, pull store reports (including photos), and target sales and merchandising opportunities. As such, this has resulted in remarkable growth for clients that eclipsed the national average by double digits.

“Unfortunately, the broker community has a reputation of ‘smoke and mirrors,’” says Amanda Grillo, President of CMC Sales and Marketing. “When we say ‘transparent model’ in our messaging to clients, we mean it. Our clients have direct real-time access to audits, photos, comments, and reports. They never have to wait for us, or a third party, to download.”

"Manufacturers who don’t have real-time transparency with their retail teams and broker partners are at a significant disadvantage to the competition,” states Matt King, founder of Simplified Trade. “In the current ultra-competitive retail environment, getting month-old retail recaps from your brokers just doesn’t cut it. What good is a report that informs you about a threat or opportunity when it’s too late to respond. What’s worse is these reports won’t keep these opportunities from passing you by again."

“Partnering with Simplified Trade has made our retail team more efficient and effective,” Grillo concludes. “Transparency means accountability internally and to our brand and retail partners.”

Clients of CMC Sales and Marketing are also raving about the ongoing partnership, including the parent company of Bob’s Big Boy refrigerated salad dressings, Flavor of California.

"Simplified Trade is a game-changer for our business,” says Julie Pantiskas, CEO & President of the company. “It allows us to have real-time grocery store data at our fingertips to see if a store is set and stocked correctly. By providing retailers with this information, we have reduced out-of-stocks which lead to double digit increases."

"I deal with a lot of reports from others brokers but Simplified Trade from CMC is one of the most accurate and real time pictures of store activity and they customize my audit reports,” says Otis McAllister – Director of Hispanic, Albert Bueso.

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CMC Sales and Marketing is a full-service food brokerage company committed to a transparent model and to the regions it knows well. The company is fully committed to selling strategies that generate sales and profits, while working within the needs and expectations of the retailers, distributors, and foremost, the clients it serves.

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