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Danny Rebello, Co-Founder of TruTrade.IO, is the Subject of a New Exclusive Interview

The entrepreneur sat down for an in-depth discussion about his company’s role in making digital trading more accessible and profitable for the average investor.

SCOTTSDALE , ARIZONA, UNITED STATES , May 27, 2021 / -- It is with great pleasure that Danny Rebello, co-founder of the cutting-edge trading software company TruTrade.IO, announces he is the subject of a new exclusive interview. The interview, which was conducted by an online periodical, touches on topics ranging from the initial inspiration for creating TruTrade to what qualities make for a successful trader.

At the beginning of the interview, when asked where he and his co-founder got the idea for, Rebello replies, “we saw a massive void in the industry.” He elaborates, “There are a lot of companies out there that sell indicators, software and platforms that are useful. However, executing positions with precision and applying complex money management strategies on the fly is a daunting task for most traders. Without automation traders often find themselves late to the party or entering the market at the wrong time, and it is very difficult for the average trader to keep pace.

Further along in the interview, questioned as to what traits make a successful trader, Danny Rebello answers, “always wanting to understand why something didn't work. Most traders that are successful don't just rely on what's given to them. They always want to look and understand the markets. They always want to understand the ebbs and flows.” Expanding his answer to include his company’s specific place in the market, he adds, “In our case, it's price action and momentum that needs to be understood. Once they understand this, apply our automation, and understand the nuances of the software, that's when traders really excel with our software.”

Those that wish to learn more about Danny Rebello or TruTrade.IO are invited to visit the company’s official website or YouTube channel.

About is a leader in the retail trading industry thanks in large part to its state-of-the-art automated trading technology. Put plainly, TruTrade’s advanced technology allows ordinary retail traders to benefit from the same technology used by professional, institutional traders. In fact, markets the most sophisticated such technology available to the general public. It allows any trader, ranging from novice to expert, to hedge their positions against many financial instruments using several bar types and time frames to reduce drawdowns and systematically amass equity. The company also employs a dynamic risk management module (DRAMM) so that traders can oversee a wide variety of money management strategies all at once. exists for the sole purpose of helping retail traders all over the world improve their ability to trade effectively and make money.

Danny Rebello
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