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New task manager mobile app to organize your todo list called Fanya offers the same features but with fresh interface

Fanya is a todo list application which aims to manage tasks with a simple and easy to use interface. It comes with a fresh look and all the elementary features.

NEW YORK, UN, May 26, 2021 / -- When it comes to todo or task organizer apps, there are a plethora of options available on the Play Store. While most of them offer a similar set of features, they try to implement things a bit differently. Well, Fanya is one such application. Fanya brings forward all the elementary features such as the ability to add tasks, reminders, categorize them, and more.

The thing that Fanya brings to the table is a refreshed user interface and experience, Fanya is all about managing to-do and tasks while also giving you a beautiful user interface with a subtle touch of colors. There’s a navigation bar on the bottom with an “addition” sign in the middle. Using that icon, you can add new tasks and set all the required additions to them.

Once added, the tasks will appear on your Today tab. Right next to it, there’s an integrated device calendar. You can also use the Search tab to, as the name suggests, search all the existing tasks even though they are completed. The elementary set of features are completely free.

Here’s the summary of the key features that you would get with Fanya:

Create and manage tasks and tasks list
Stay on track with due dates and notifications
Add reminders to never miss any task
Dark theme
Backup & Restore tasks between devices
Import tasks and events from your Google calendar and Outlook calendar
View your tasks in a calendar view, monthly view and daily.
Search your tasks
Control your tasks from the home-screen

You can download it here and use these features right now.

People want to use apps that feels good, not only functioning well, the home screen widget is very simple to use and fits with device wallpaper.
In addition, most of the features are free to use and works pretty good, the developers added recently a lot of new features following to what their users request. You can look at the reviews section on the store and see that every feature request are considered by the developers and actually added to their next releases.

The premium mode offers some extra features like custom categories for labeling your tasks and a full customer-support, backup your data locally and more. Every release adds support for new different language as the users request,right now the application supports : English,Spanish,French and Polish.

Right now, the Fanya team offers only an Android mobile app, but in the future they plan to develop an iOS version and a Desktop version as well.

Download it here

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