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TouchPad Pro LLC and its “Quest for the Holy Braille” : Faraz Mehmood Joins the Global Advisory Board

Touchpad Pro and BrailleDoodle - products for Tactile graphics and braille - read full description here

Touchpad Pro and BrailleDoodle - Revolutionary products for the blind and low vision

Mr. Memood and others have join "TouchPad Pro™ LLC, founded to enhance the lives of the blind and low-vision with revolutionary products.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2021 / -- TouchPad Pro™ LLC was founded in 2020 to enhance the lives of the blind and low-vision with revolutionary products. These products focus on making touchable art, braille literacy, and technology affordable and accessible to people who are blind and low vision worldwide. A few months ago, Mr. Faraz Mehmood, Vice Chairman, and Co-Founder at Gawah Holdings Inc. heard about TouchPad Pro LLC on the new Clubhouse app. He immediately expressed an interest in being involved.

Mr. Mehmood explained, “When I thought about the millions of people, especially the almost 20 million children, who are not given equal opportunities simply because they cannot see – simply because they don’t have the proper tools and resources, I knew I could not stand by. I wholeheartedly support this mission.” On May 5, 2021, Mr. Mehmood officially joined the Global Advisory Board. Mr. Daniel Lubiner, CEO and Founder, states, “Faraz has extensive experience in business and relationships with business leaders worldwide. He will be a great asset to our team.”

Gawah Holdings Inc. is an investment holding company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Gawah Holdings Inc. has five verticals spreading across industries ranging from finance, real estate, healthcare, blockchain, digital assets, SAAS, TAS, cloud computing, and leading-edge technologies. Mr. Mehmood has more than a decade of traditional banking experience, particularly in the Middle East.

Mr. Mehmood became captivated with the products at TouchPad Pro LLC. The TouchPad Pro will be a device like no other. Like an “iPad for the blind,” the TouchPad Pro will have thousands of Pins that can rise to multiple heights to create three-dimensional images. For example, a person could take a selfie and have their face rise from the surface and then feel its contours.

The surface will also be in bright, realistic color. We intend to provide assistive technology to the often-overlooked sector of those with some usable vision. The TouchPad Pro is also nicknamed the “Holy Braille” because of its ability to display a full page of braille and tactile graphics, something never before achieved. “Besides offering the ability to enjoy and create art like never before,” Mr. Lubiner continues, “the TouchPad Pro will help close the gap in STEM instruction and access to technology.”

Another product that the company plans to release within six months is the BrailleDoodle. The BrailleDoodle is an affordable take on the Etch-a-Sketch drawing toy that allows the blind to touch what they draw. A simple plastic “Braille Sleeve” slips over the device and acts as a stencil, creating dozens of braille cells. This gives instructors the ability to teach braille remotely. At a retail price of under $80, the BrailleDoodle is already creating global excitement.

Also joining the company is Shivan Bassaw as Director of Communications and Global Advisory Board Member. Mr. Bassaw, who happens to be legally blind himself, is a business professional with experience in various industries. Nasreen Bhutta, a self-proclaimed ‘low-vision advocate for inclusivity in business.’ was given the position of Board Secretary. Ms. Bhutta is CEO of Project Starfish, headquartered in Toronto, Canada; “Helping today’s disabled become tomorrow’s workforce.”

As the company’s Senior Engineering Consultant, Andrew Celentano, works full time at Boston Engineering. Mr. Celentano has a solid background in Technical Innovation. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a specialization in electrical engineering and hardware design.

Though TouchPad Pro LLC has been engaging in dialogue with potential investors for weeks, it officially announced that its seed round of funding would begin on June 1, 2021. Brian Edwards, the President, and COO states, “Our company will remain sustainable with the current market for assistive technology for blindness and low vision, with a global market that exceeds five billion dollars USD annually. This market is expected to grow to over seven billion dollars USD within four years. Also, we are a socially conscious company, with plans to give a percentage of profits in products to organizations for the blind and low vision.”

Mr. Lubiner continues, “With Mr. Mehmood coming on board, I feel more confident than ever before that we shall achieve our vision of the future products that radically transform everything about assistive technology for the blind and low vision community.” For more information visit

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