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Redesigned Adjustable Bed for Side Sleep, KCE Bed, launched by U.S. Based Kind and Ethical Inc. Tampa, Florida

Invented for Your Good Night's Sleep, KCE Bed

Side Sleeping Adjustable Bed for an Amazing Night's Rest

KCE Bed, the New Design of the Adjustable Bed for Side Sleep

KCE Bed is now available for sale Nationally via e-commerce. Shipped via FedEx Freight for residential delivery.

KCE Bed, Invented for your wellness and good night's sleep!”
— Mary Ann Schell
LARGO, FL, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2021 / -- .
Did you know, side sleeping is the #1 natural sleep position as described by doctors and scientists? Many individuals experience relief from conditions such as sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, heartburn, circulation, and body cleanse, high blood pressure, and anxiety when they adopt a side sleeping position.

With this in mind, Mary Ann Schell and Gavin Wilson invented the authentic side sleeping electric adjustable bed. The Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed (KCE Bed), embraces users, encouraging effortless side sleeping to promote health, wellness, and a good night's sleep. Recommended by Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Victoria J Vislosky.

The innovative redesign of the KCE Bed adjusts the elevation of the mattress from side to side, embracing users in a comfortable and natural side sleep position. As we sleep in our natural side sleep position we are more comfortable. When we are comfortable we sleep better.

Provided are recent articles on the wellness benefits of side sleep published by, Healthline and the National Library of Medicine.

Mattress Suggestion to compliment Your KCE Bed:

There are many mattresses that will function properly with your KCE Bed and embrace you into a good night’s sleep! We understand that your mattress selection depends on personal preference which is why we researched the types of mattresses that will function with your KCE Bed and leave the selection and purchase up to you.

Mattresses made using high-quality memory foam or latex and that have a few layers of memory foam or latex are suggestions. These mattresses should also have a base layer that does not exceed 6 inches. This base layer allows for the mattress to bend and embrace you with the KCE Bed as you adjust the bed to your comfort position. A mattress that will not function optimally with your KCE Bed is made using Hybrid, Coiled, Spring, Water, or Air.

About KCE Bed
KCE Bed is a family-owned and operated small business in the state of Florida, USA. KCE Bed is not mass-produced and quantities are limited. KCE Bed is manufactured using quality materials: steel that is powder-coated for long-lasting protection in a stylish appearance, equipped with supportive wood slats that are spaced for airflow, intentionally assembled with slow-moving motors to allow you to find your perfect embracing sleep position.

Mary Ann Schell
KCE Bed by Kind and Ethical Inc.
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