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This E-Bike Start-Up is Poised to Disrupt Your Commute

City Robin Step-Thru Electric Bike

City Robin Step-Thru Electric Bike

Euphree Electric Bike - City Robin - White

Euphree Electric Bike - City Robin - White

Euphree Logo - Electric Bikes for Women

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Euphree wants to replace your car with one of their innovative female e-bikes, and you might just let them.

The few feminine e-bikes she did like were poorly engineered, and unsafe for daily use. I saw a hole in the market and set out to solve her problem.”
— Daniel Basaldua
HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, May 18, 2021 / -- "Why does a 4,000 pound object carry a 120 to 250 pound person? The energy costs are spent moving the object, not the passenger."

Meet Daniel Basaldua, CEO and Founder of Euphree bikes. He thinks there's a better way to move people.

Electric bikes are nothing new, of course, but they came with some problems. Problems the Euphree bike is meant to solve.

With a background in engineering, Daniel came to the startling conclusion that most ebikes were designed solely for men and that painting a bike the color pink doesn’t magically make it designed for women. He decided to design thoughtful features that would truly accommodate the frame size and other aspects of women to make a truly female ebike.

The Euphree e-bike is designed as a practical e-bike alternative for eco-conscious and cost-conscious consumers who are tired of paying for insurance, oil changes, gas, Ubers, parking, and all the other costs associated with owning a car.

It's twelve to twenty-five pounds lighter than other e-bikes, for example, and comes with a full front fork. Seat suspension offers a euphoric, comfortable ride that allows you to ride in style without sweating your way through your urban commute.

Most e-bikes don't have much in the way of safety features. Many aren't comfortable. And some are too heavy for bus or train commuting. Euphree has solved these problems by integrating the battery of their bike into the frame's down tube, offering a sleek, ergonomic step-thru design. That means it's 52 pounds instead of 65-80 pounds like most e-bikes.

It's been designed to deliver a smooth ride by offering even weight distribution between the front and the rear. A highly-tuned motor controller feedback loop offers customers a seamless riding experience. There's no jolting or jerking upon acceleration.

Each Euphree contains high-quality Samsung battery cells and are integrated in a way that makes them difficult to steal.

The Euphree contains safety features like hydraulic disc brakes and mountain bike levers for additional stopping power, as well as front and rear lights which have been integrated into the ebike.

Basaldua is an e-bike enthusiast who wanted a better ride. "I rode my first class III e-bike a few years ago and immediately knew this was the transportation model I was looking for. It allowed me to get around without sweating, but still workout if I wanted."

He designed an e-bike for himself first, and tells a story of his sister asking him to do the same. Their outcomes were very different.

"I told her mine was pretty ugly, that she should look online for one that was currently available. She didn't like any of the currently available bikes. They were heavy, masculine, and couldn't be ridden as well as a regular bike if the battery died and didn't suit her commuting needs, which meant she couldn't get around town comfortably. The few feminine e-bikes she did like were poorly engineered, and unsafe for daily use. I saw a hole in the market and set out to solve her problem: to create a lightweight, safe e-bike for urban commuting, that was designed with women in mind, and that didn't cost a fortune."


Daniel Basaldua
Founder & CEO



Euphree bikes was founded by Daniel Basaldua in 2021. Daniel is an experienced process engineer who began his career in the oil and gas industry. He's known for finding innovative solutions to tough problems.

Euphree bikes are light-weight, comfortable electric bikes that are designed to help people live car free. They're designed and engineered in Houston, TX and can be shipped nationwide. For more information, visit

Daniel Basaldua
+1 713-396-2490