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CreditSafe partners with disruptive Fintech newcomer, Templar Payments™

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CreditSafe, has partnered with SaaS FinTech Templar Payments™, to close the tech chasm in the payments industry between the Giants and Everyone Else.

Webinar, The Digital Chasm: How to level the tech playing field between FinTech Giants and Everyone Else., 3 pm-4 pm Monday 17th May.”
— Templar Payments
LEEDS, WEST YORKSHIRE, GREAT BRITAIN, May 15, 2021 / -- The Templar web application is standalone, white-label onboarding software which fits neatly into merchant services brokers’ manual existing systems and processes. Integrating into CreditSafe allows the web app to pre-fill lengthy application forms using data pulled from the web, as well as using OCR technology to read web-available information and documents from CreditSafes global database of 300M businesses.

The flexibility of CreditSafe’s API’s feeds directly into UK-based Templar Payments’ biggest strength: building quickly and efficiently using the newest, fastest tech stacks, while addressing security through clever code structure and further strategic partnerships. CreditSafe's Nathan Harris said: "our main function as a business is to improve the way that business data is used. Any innovative application of our technology, such as integration into the Templar web app, that achieves this goal, is great"

CreditSafe is already used widely across the payments industry, from Crypto exchanges to acquiring banks’ risk and compliance processes. It’s safe to say, a lot less financial crime has occurred since the company was founded in 1997 (incidentally, the same year that Templar Payments Co-Founder Kathryn Miller was born). Integration into Templar Payment’s merchant onboarding module smooths out the application process for ISO’s customers. However, in future modules, it will also decrease onboarding time, by presenting merchant applications to financial institutions’ risk and compliance teams with all relevant information required to make reasonable risk decisions quickly.

This would be a game-changer for the e-commerce market segment, where risk is assessed slowly. And for the POS market, which boasts a large number of freelance salespeople/1-man band ISO’s, an accessible solution with which to address the tech gap would be vital – especially considering that it is this market segment competing with FinTech Giants for lower-risk 'Brick and Mortar' merchants’ business. The tech gap in the payments industry will be addressed by Templar Payments in more detail in the Webinar, The Digital Chasm: How to level the tech playing field between FinTech Giants and Everyone Else., 3 pm-4 pm Monday 17th May.

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Templar Payments Ltd
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