First month since Alpha launch - Coreto enters Phase II

1 month of Alpha

Coreto celebrates 1 month since the launch of its Alpha version by adding a new batch of users and doubling the number of people that get to test the platform.

Coreto Design Language (CDL) is maybe one of the things I personally am most excited about. It will be an amazing step towards upping our game and online presence.”
— Iustina Faraon - CEO & co-founder
BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, May 12, 2021 / -- In addition to normal bugs and error fixing, Coreto entered Phase II during the past month, which began with the Coreto Design Language (CDL) launch.

In the first month of Alpha, users have been able to test the main feature of the platform - Staking of Opinion Pool (SOOP) - by performing technical analysis, as well as pledging and challenging other users' opinions.

In its final stage of development, the platform allows people to back their analysis by adding $COR tokens to the Staking of Opinion Pool opened for that particular project. However, considering that the project is in the closed Alpha stage at the moment, the team decided to ensure a smooth, risk-free user experience by offering to their early adopters a certain amount of vCOR (virtual COR) when logging on to the platform.

'The initial response from our early adopters exceeded our expectations! The overwhelmingly positive reactions really validate our vision, and once again confirm that we are heading in the right direction.' - said Andrei Balaianu (Head of Development at Coreto) in his most recent Development Update.

During the same period preceding the Alpha launch, Coreto entered Phase II and stepped up its game by releasing the Coreto Design Language.

"Coreto Design Language (CDL) is maybe one of the things I personally am most excited about. It will be an amazing step towards upping our game and online presence." - Iustina Faraon (CEO & co-founder Coreto).

Coreto Design Language is responsible for building Coreto's personality, coming as a natural evolution of the brand.
Its benefits include:
- recognizability;
- consistency;
- ease of use;
- efficiency;
- stability;
- better user onboarding.

With Coreto being more than a website - a complete digital product - CDL benefits both users and the business component, bringing growth opportunities and increasing the adoption rate on a large scale.

Currently, the social media channels have been updated according to the new design language, and the team is working on updating the website, which will be ready by the end of May.

Those who want to keep up with the news about the platform can join Coreto's Official Telegram Channel where the team hosts weekly AMA sessions.

As the registrations on the platform continue, people who want to be in the next batch of users can still book their spot.

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