Lil Yatchy partners with Weentar as they look to launch the future of decentralised social media

The partnership enables influencers and celebrities to seamlessly launch their social tokens.

UNITED STATES, May 10, 2021 / -- Weentar is looking to create the future of decentralised social media platform where influencers and celebrities would be able to launch their social tokens as easily as creating a profile and launch their regular social media content as NFTs.

Weentar is a decentralized social media project and platform that allows users to launch social media tokens, which enable them to earn passive income from fans and investors who wish to access premium content, voting rights, and other things set by the creator. The platform is an innovative push to the future of decentralised social media led by celebrities from across the world.

At Weentar, the company is not just looking to change the way users interact with social media. Instead, the company is looking to create a future where the things users do on social media for fun, like writing a comment and building a community, becomes economically incentivised through creator tokens as access to content that gives the community a great financial reward as it grows.

“The closest thing to what we are looking to create is Bitclout, but the major difference, aside from styling, is that Bitclout would be to Twitter what Weentar would be to Instagram,” Cyril states. “Allowing for creators to post their regular content as NFTs would be a game-changer for the millions of influencers who have not found a way to get in on the NFT craze and create a solid digital legacy with great financial benefits. It is our goal to see that Weentar becomes a top 50 project in 2020 and, with all the indicators so far, we are certain to stand out.”

“To support this incredible innovation, we are looking to partner with big celebrity names to make this project a trending topic of interest,” says founder of the company, Selina Cyril. “So far we have partnered with Lil Yatchy and we are already in talks with a dozen more celebrities with a goal of 500 celebrities before the end of 2021.”

Currently, Weentar is offering an ongoing presale at, from which users get to own part of the future of decentralised social media backed by influencers and celebrities. The smart contract has been audited by Solidity Finance and the team is visible and growing with the relevant experience with goals to see tremendous success in a short period of time.

Weentar is announcing five pieces of information users will need to know about the team behind its project:

1. CEO Eduardo Fonnegra is an American business executive with Crowdcreate, a company that has raised over 133Million dollars for several projects. He has a lot of experience with Artificial Intelligence, Crowdfunding and Real estate.
2. CTO Sebastian Dine is a German tech lead in a global market research agency. His speciality is in blockchain development, big data engineering and Artificial intelligence. 3. Head of product, Clinton Murphy, is American with a lot of experience in product and project management from tech startups to public companies.
4. Senior blockchain Developer, Kailash Sharan, has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering with experience building blockchain-based games and developing smart contracts for some established projects in the crypto space.
5. The company has a blockchain development team, app development team, product designers and investment relations team from various countries all working together to make Weentar a top 20 project in 2021.

According to the company, the Weentar presale is already live and it has released the following information:

1. The company’s smart contract has been audited by Solidity Finance, a well-known name in the cryptocurrency space known for smart contract auditing.
2. The project has a simple to understand light paper that interested parties can read at
3. The company has a roadmap it is following very closely as it is very keen to launch the app in the shortest time possible
4. The team is competent and visible on LinkedIn with the relevant experience to bring its project to life.
5. The company aims to do extensive marketing and be bullish with its growth.
6. It aims to work with many celebrities from around the world and announce major corporate partnerships before the product launches.
7. The company will take the community with them every step of the way until it launches its app.

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