How One Company Helped Hundreds of Gyms Survive and Thrive During the COVID Pandemic

Martial Arts on Rails helps clients to manage memberships, run billing, track attendance, and much more.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2021 / -- Martial Arts on Rails, an Austin-based company, has been helping gyms and martial arts schools nationwide to adapt, survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With gyms and martial arts schools among the first to shut down and among the last to open due to COVID-19 health guidelines, many fell on hard times financially, with some already closing up shop for good. While the past year and a half has certainly been devastating for the industry, there is hope for those seeking additional support.

Since inception, Martial Arts on Rails has been providing online gym management software to support gyms and martial arts schools in managing their memberships, run billing, track attendance, and more. The company itself was quick to adapt to the new reality as the COVID-19 pandemic forced most of its customers to temporarily close their doors. By providing gyms with new options to engage and communicate with their members, through online content and streaming lessons, Martial Arts on Rails’ customers are able to retain most of their memberships and stay afloat, while many similar local businesses were running out of resources and forced to go out of business.

As the COVID-19 situation improved, Martial Arts on Rails continued to adapt by providing gyms with options for controlling class capacity with online reservations and enforcing COVID-19 protocol for in person training.

Martial Arts on Rails’ CEO, Eran Galperin, explains, “if you look at the Fitness and Martial Arts industry during the COVID pandemic, many businesses were forced to shut down for good. Those small businesses just don’t have the run rate to survive multiple months with no income. However, only 3% of the gyms using our software had to close permanently due to COVID-19.”

“Many were able to maintain at least 70% of their regular income, some barely lost any business and a few even managed to grow and thrive during this time,” Galperin continues. “I would like to believe that us reacting quickly to the changing conditions had some influence over that.”

With the high rate of vaccinations in the US and case numbers dropping, fitness and martial arts businesses can finally breathe a sigh of relief. For those that survived and even thrived, important lessons were learned about how to better prepare for similar future situations.

Most of Martial Arts on Rails customers’ have since re-opened, with some restrictions in place which are supported by the software. They are now looking forward to the new uncertainties in the post-COVID world, and Martial Arts on Rails will be there to help them deal with those challenges as they present themselves.

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Martial Arts on Rails provides gym owners and martial arts instructors with the tools to operate a successful gym business. The company combines its background in running small businesses, software development, and passion for fitness and martial arts to create easy-to-use tools that help non-technical people manage and grow their gyms and martial arts schools.

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