Steel Jail Cells Factory Built Result in Lighter Foundations, Faster Completion, Less Site Traffic/Reduced Safety Issues

Four Person Cell

4 Modular Steel Cell

Two Person Cell

2 Person Modular Steel Cell

Normalized Units

Mental Health and Juvenile Units

A Jail & Prison Off-Site Construction Solution For Densely Populated Cities Where Safety & Noise Issues are Critical. Local onsite Subs do the Utility Hook-Ups

While steel cell walls are more durable than concrete, they are dimensionally thinner, resulting in a smaller footprint & structure. Architects can customize cells achieving a less costly structure.”
— Michael Rosenberg
MANALAPAN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2021 / -- SteelCell of North America Inc., "The Detention Industry's Recognized Leader In Prefabricated Correctional Products", Manufactures 1-2-4 Man Jail and Prison Cells, (Minimum to Supermax Classification Units, Male, Female, and Juvenile Units) / Custom Modular Police Holding Cells / Transit Police, Court House Cells / State Police Barracks / Dorm Units / Control Rooms / Sally-Ports / Janitor Closets / Modular Control Solution / Normalized Sleeping Units /Juvenile /Mental Health) / Program Space / Single and Gang Shower Units / Custom Units

(1) "The Factory Off-Site Solution For Densely Populated Cities Where Safety and Noise Issues are Critical to Surrounding Communities."

(2) "The Factory Off-Site Solution For Sparsely Populated Rural Sites Where There is a Shortage of Experienced Tradesmen"

Over the last 27 years, I have represented the leading steel cell manufacturing firms. Our industry, has produced over 45,000 modular steel cell units for facilities throughout the USA and overseas.(See attached, some industry photos illustrating the use of galvanneal steel cells).

Light weight modular steel prefabricated cost effective modular cells can be purchased completely outfitted with the desired detention equipment and can be installed as part of new construction or possibly into existing structures. SteelCell of North America Inc., (The Industry Leader) has been manufacturing steel detention cells since 1995 and has completed more projects each year than anyone else in the steel cell industry. SteelCell offers a premium monolithic cell coating, anti-contraband furniture design and in-cell shower options. Their quality is unsurpassed. Factory quality control is assures the higher level of QC since it is factory performed. regardless of site weather conditions. The heavily insulated, nonporous steel walls are easily cleaned and do not absorb odors thus reducing the smell of body odors and urine. This feature promotes a passive hygienic environment in the cell blocks. The cells exhibit substantial life cycle maintenance savings. ( See attachment).

The factory constructed light weight secure cells require less space than heavier thick wall conventional CMU or precast concrete cell construction. This will usually results in a smaller geometric site foot print and a lighter foundation requirement. The site work is performed by the local trades while simultaneously the cells are being
custom manufactured resulting in completion times that are usually 50% less than conventional construction. The setting of cells is quickly accomplished using fork lifts or light cranes based upon the project requirements. Local trades can be utilized for utility lines and hookups. The use of SteelCell prefabricated cost effective modular cells can dramatically reduce completion time of each project. The use of light weight factory built steel cells reduces site traffic and greatly reduces the safety issues associated with conventional site construction.

Recap: Advantages of Modular Steel cells
Increased Life Cycle Savings & Administration


1. Reduced Energy Cost
Heavily insulated non porous steel cells hold and maintain cell temperatures more efficiently than porous concrete structures, thus reducing energy costs.

2. Reduced Maintenance Cost – Reduced Cell Down-Time
Steel cell construction precludes inmates from digging holes and crevices as they would ordinarily accomplish on concrete walls, thereby eliminating the need for repair and patching of housing units. Non-porous steel walls require fewer if any re-paintings than extremely porous conventional concrete construction. The coated steel surface is easily sanitized.

3. Reduced Risk of Infectious Disease
Non-porous, acoustically insulated steel walls, will not absorb odors (bacteria), thus creating a passive hygienic environment for both inmates and staff. The usual smell of urine and body odor that is common in most justice facilities is now reduced. The reduction of incidence of infectious disease will dramatically cut operating costs. Steel cells reduce the risk of rodent infestation as would usually occur as concrete begins to crust and deteriorate thus providing nooks and crannies for rodents.

4. Increased Durability + Security
Heavy gauge steel helps eliminate the possibility of escape by penetrating walls and ceilings as opposed to the obvious vulnerability of concrete. Eliminates the need for embeds which are required in concrete walls to hold fixtures. (A vulnerable area when inmates seek to hide items, defeat wall systems or just disrupt the facility.) Inmates will find that their steel cells with fewer wall gaps making it difficult to hide contraband, (Such as shanks and other weapons.), as compared to conventional concrete cells. The staff’s safety is greatly enhanced and serious injuries reduced. The steel walls also enable inmate classification to be easily changed from minimum security to super max without having to build entirely new cells. Light weight steel cells (weigh 1/5 the weight of concrete).

Decreased Total Construction Project Cost
(New Construction, Additions, Retrofits)

1. Smaller Buildings (Volumetric Savings)
While the heavy gauge steel cell wall and ceiling sandwich panels are more durable than concrete, they are dimensionally thinner, resulting in a reduced project foot print and a reduced building elevation. Facility designers can customize the manufactured cells to any size or specification allowing a more efficient and less costly structure.

2. Reduced Foundation Requirements
Steel cells weigh one-fifth the weight of concrete cells which can result in lighter foundations. In many projects, contractors can enjoy the cost savings of
reducing, pilings, piers, footings, and slabs.

3. Faster Project Completion
(Saves 30-50% in time over conventional construction.)
Cells are factory manufactured simultaneously to the site-work being performed by the General Contractor.
Factory manufactured cells are performed under rigid quality control standards and result in smaller punch lists. The cell manufacturer provides all cell detention furnishings resulting in a reduction in vendor coordination/traffic. Factory built cells are quickly set and jobsite traffic is dramatically reduced.
All trades and professional services and obligations are completed faster with less disruption to the community.

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