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Innovative Non-Profit Engages Communities to Effectuate Cultural Change


To encourage a new generation of change agents to think and act strategically, Dr. Alcazar launched the Fishbowl series.


Built4Agilty works to deconstruct dated cultural norms that divide our country, by marginalizing groups of people, while elevating others. Through the work at Built4Agility, participants learn how to uncover social biases, while building a platform where all parties are welcome and heard. Through purpose-driven programs, community game-changers engage with participants to pull back layers of hurt and dysfunction, to bring about true healing, and provide a logical strategy for a path forward for all Americans.

Dr. Marie Alcazar, the founder of Built4Agility and a pioneer in upending broken systems, has the answer to what ails this country. According to Dr. Alcazar, genuine change starts with a time of personal reflection. Dr. Alcazar, an Organizational Transformation Leader and Ecosystem Coach, is anchored by three decades of experience, where she has been instrumental in changing systems from the inside out. As a leader in this field, she is uniquely positioned to create a cohesive strategy to help birth a new day for the culture.

To encourage a new generation of change agents to think and act strategically, Dr. Alcazar is going deep into the hearts and minds of the community with the Fishbowl series. Through the unfiltered, mixed media format of the monthly podcast, it challenges viewers to take an introspective look at themselves and the role each person plays in creating new cultural norms in our communities and across the nation.

Starting Sunday, June 6th — Dr. Alcazar convenes a distinguished panel of thought leaders to explore the psychology and pathology of difficult topics like:
• Live Another Day: Surviving Policing in America
• Secondary Trauma and Healing
• How Do You Engage A Community That Does Not Trust You?

Each segment includes a curated panel of industry leaders and practitioners with deep domain knowledge in law enforcement, diversity, faith, inclusion and equality, mental health, and the field of law, just to name a few.

For the inaugural Fishbowl, attendees will hear from voices of our time for whom this work goes beyond passion. Prepare to glean nuggets from Detective Lance Watkins, a veteran law enforcement officer, with 30 years of experience in policing; licensed professional counselor Stacey Gooden, who teaches positive ways to deal with cultural pressures; and Attorney Quinon Brooker, who explores the importance of defending oppressed people and post-conviction remedies.

Dr. Alcazar recognizes that generational work is required to uproot old ways of thinking. Through the work at Built4Agility, a new generation of leaders stands ready to engage, manage, and uplift our communities.

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Innovative Non-Profit Engages Communities to Effectuate Cultural Change

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