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Gesco T1 Ltd. Issues Capital Guaranteed Securities Focused on Hotel/Resort Renewability in Southern Europe on Vienna Mtf

Collateralized securities focused on hotel and resort renewability in Southern Europe issued by GESCO T1 Ltd. are live on the Vienna MTF as of 03 May 2021.

While everyone is hopeful 2021 will be better than 2020, there is no evidence to support that assumption. That is why we believe this investment strategy is timed perfectly for prospective investors.”
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 4, 2021 / -- GESCO T1 Ltd. has announced the release of its securitized notes focusing on hotel and resort acquisitions following the COVID-19 pandemic in Southern Europe. Designed as a low risk, medium return, fixed income, collateralized investment, GESCO T1 Ltd.’s impact approach will create jobs as well as increase revenue in areas where the coronavirus pandemic has caused financial devastation since early 2020.

According to GESCO T1 Ltd.’s Chief Investment Officer, “Now is the ideal time to participate in a unique period within the hospitality and tourism industries in Europe. The market is traumatized; banks are shocked (and facing massive losses due to non-serviced debt); and the industry as a whole hasn’t yet accepted the reality of the situation. We’re literally seeing hundreds of properties per week whose sale price is often less than the value of the land. Now is the ultimate time to participate in a truly unique investment opportunity that will (hopefully) never happen again in our lifetimes.”

He went on to say, “We built a structured investment that pays regardless of outcome. It affords investors the ability to invest with minimal risk – participation is easy, risk is low, and the one thing everyone knows is that there is no shortage of capital, just a shortage of reasonable investment products. Of course, there is pent-up demand, but the reality is that bookings do not equal revenue, cancellation rates are high, domestic travel is king, restrictions are unpredictable at best, overall traveler anxiety continues, all-inclusive travel is essentially dead, [and even] the global vaccine rollout has been suboptimal at best... While everyone is hopeful 2021 will be better than 2020, if you remove emotion, there is no fact-based evidence to support that assumption. That is why we believe this investment strategy is timed perfectly for prospective investors.”

He added, “Our investment strategy is reverse planned. We looked at the exit, identified the requirements, and everything was planned backwards based on the exit. We are buying properties at 50% of their 2018-2019 valuation with the objective to ensure their pre-COVID valuations are realized and exceeded at exit. That can be accomplished with minimal effort and by avoiding common mistakes. While no investment is risk free, by making this a fixed income, collateralized investment, an investor isn’t necessarily going to walk away with a loss. It is a buyer’s market, and our systematic approach is deliberate – there are no lengthy negotiations or discussions. We look at the information we’re given on a property, provide a quick yes or no using our decision analysis model, and move on. We’re not wasting time; there are just too many properties on the market right now.”

The private placement note series, ‘GPP Euro Resort Impact Stability’ (ISIN CH0549200217), has an initial volume of €250 million, and is available to both qualified and institutional investors. With a focus on the acquisition of distressed and discounted hotel and resort properties in Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Greece, the notes are five-year, fixed coupon Secured Bearer Debenture Bonds offering a 4-10% annual coupon, which equates to a 20-50% total return on investment upon exit.

GESCO T1 Ltd. is a UK-domiciled SPV focused on hotel and resort acquisitions with representatives across Europe and in North America. For more information or to obtain a term sheet, please visit

Marco Domokos
Gesco T1 Ltd