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Warren Van Dam Featured in Article on How to Take the Perfect Food Photo

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2021 / -- Warren Van Dam—a leading food blogger—was recently featured in an article on how to take the best food photos.

In the feature article, the writer emphasizes the importance of taking stunning photographs of meals in the food businesses, and that is where Warren Van Dam, a masterful photographer, comes in. According to Van Dam, even if a meal is scrumptious to the tastebuds, it will not sell if it is not pleasing to the eye first, which is why he utilizes several proven techniques to take winning food photos.

For starters, it is critical that food photographers take photos of the surroundings of a given dish, not just the dish itself. For instance, rather than merely capturing a waffle covered with berries on film, a photographer should add some berries on the table around the dish as well. This will help to capture the food’s overall theme in the photograph. In addition, not having the meal on a dirty or lackluster dinner table will make the meal even more enticing to the viewer, according to the article.

Van Dam also emphasizes the importance of serving delicious meals on high-quality crockery, or cups, dishes, and plates. Dishes that are not faded and old looking will make the food even more appealing in a photograph due to bringing about a crisper design and a positive feeling, according to Van Dam.

Van Dam furthermore stresses the importance of paying attention to details when taking food shots. As an example, photographers may want to dust sugar across a plate to give a dessert an excellent look. In addition, French fries could be displayed in small friers to make them look even more interesting. Little extras can help to drive home a meal’s theme and thus sell the meal to the viewer every time, according to Warren Van Dam.

Warren Van Dam
Warren Van Dam
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