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WIN TV Cash Up For Grabs! WIN TV Announces Cash Prizes up to $1,000,000 in World's First Global Television Game Show

Win Cash and Other Great Prizes on


Win Cash On WIN TV


WIN TV NETWORK ( announces that cash and prizes up to $1,000,000 are now available in the world's first global live television game show!



WIN TV ( is a new state of the art global "Game Show" network that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to compete as a television game show contestant from the comfort of their living room couch by watching WIN TV.

WIN TV subscribers can win anywhere up to $1,000,000 in cash and prizes.

Most television game shows have always been produced in the "Old School" method where they are limited to 1 - 4 contestants.

WIN TV uses state of the art technology that wasn't even around six months ago, some in-house developed algorithms and some "New School" approaches to content creation that now allows anyone, anywhere in the world to compete as a television "Game Show" contestant and win some extraordinary cash and other prizes.

There are over 1 million games on the website ( that have been played approximately 3.9 BILLION times! These games are free to play and enjoy and are great fun for the entire family. Another added benefit is that these games have an underlying educational benefit, as they are mostly trivia based, every time you play a game you will learn something new.

If you love the television games show "Jeopardy" you will love WIN TV.

While there are over 1 million free games that everyone can play, there are also some "FEATURED GAMES" that are created by our own in-house "Game Jockey's" (GJ's) that have huge cash prizes up to $1,000,000.

If you wish to play these games and go for the "MONEY" then a subscription is required to cover the cost of setting up an account for a single player, a family, a team (a team is highly recommended as you get a slight edge) and it only costs $1.00 a day. You can subscribe for a day or up to one year. The annual subscriptions offer discounted prices for schools, universities, families and teams.

Its the best entertainment value anywhere in the world.

WIN TV will also be organizing "LIVE" trivia WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS at it's campus in Florida once the pandemic is over and international travel resumes. These are fantastic social events that will have great prizes to be won, concerts, and FUN FUN FUN!

So, check out right now because the first "LIVE" game called "EYE SPY" is now on. It's fun, it's easy and someone will be walking away with some WIN TV cash on May 1st. Check it out and get your entry in.

Also, every day we update the NEWS GIGGLES GOSSIP page with great videos that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

WIN TV is doing for the global entertainment business what UBER did to the TAXI business and what AMAZON did to change the way we shop. The "NEW SCHOOL" approach to the entertainment business that WIN TV has developed is changing forever the way the global television business will be conducted.

WIN TV has just launched it's $100 USD million Private Placement which is attracting attention from all over the world.

Check it all out at



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