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Michael Everest DeMarco: The Inspiration Behind a Storied Career

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2021 / -- Michael Everest DeMarco has found himself inspired by many of his fellow actors and coaches throughout his career. Knowing how meaningful those connections were for him at the beginning of his career has led him to devote himself to inspiring others.

People who give back to society have always been a source of inspiration to him. After having received so much generosity himself, philanthropy has become increasingly important to DeMarco as his career has progressed.

Michael takes great pride in his ability to give back by working with charities and young actors. He knows he wouldn't be the successful actor he is today without the generous support of individuals who have helped him reach his fullest potential.


DeMarco has had quite the storied career. Born and raised in New Orleans, his striking features landed him a modeling job when he was only 13. When asked what he took from his early years in modeling, Michael Everest DeMarco remarked that he learned to come out of his shell, become confident, and engage with other people.

That training would prove invaluable as he transitioned to a career in acting. Acting would prove more of a challenge than modeling, but DeMarco's natural determination compelled him to take his work seriously. Soon he was nailing auditions and impressing casting agents. Before long, his natural performing abilities would make him a shoo-in for several promising roles in theatre.


Michael Everest DeMarco has done many things and gone many places in his career, but his primary source of inspiration has always been the theatre. Although he was attracted to many aspects of theatre, what inspired him most was his love of learning and his drive to improve his skills. Ultimately, DeMarco would seek out Method Acting classes, which he attended at the Actors Studio in Los Angeles.

Sal Dano

Michael Everest DeMarco could not have gotten where he is today without the inspiration and support of people like Sal Dano. It was under Mr. Dano's guidance that Michael studied Method Acting. The L.A.-based acting coach would prove to be a significant influence for Michael as he progressed in his career.

It was Dano who trained DeMarco in Stanislavski's method. These lessons enabled him to transition to film, but they also showed him that hard work and self-improvement were traits that paid off, something he tries to pass on to his students today.

Acting requires a tremendous amount of self-confidence. Not only do you need to portray your character confidently, but you need to be sure of yourself during auditions. Not only has Michael Everest DeMarco drawn on that confidence in his professional career, but he now seeks to use it to inspire others.
Michael remembers Sal as a gifted mentor and teacher who was also a man of abundant generosity. Dano would take a keen interest in each of his students, befriending them outside of their formal lessons and guiding them when he could. According to Michael, Sal's example inspired him a great deal and gave him the spark to help young, up-and-coming talents in New Orleans.

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