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AdMedia’s Danny Bibi Announces That He is the Subject of an Exclusive New Online Interview

The president of AdMedia sits down for a conversation about his business philosophy and how he addresses competing with tech giants like Facebook and Google.

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, April 19, 2021 / -- It is with great pleasure that Danny Bibi, founder and president of the California-based digital advertising firm AdMedia, announces that he is the subject of a new interview conducted by a noted online periodical aimed at entrepreneurs. The in-depth profile touches on a wide variety of issues ranging from new client acquisition to managerial style.

Early on in the interview, when asked how he brings his ideas to life, Danny responds, “I look at things from a high level, consider what we can do on our end, and then I draft it out and put it on paper. I come up with a project plan to work on some concepts and to test whether or not it is viable,” later adding, “(o)f course, it’s also about execution. You actually have to do it in order for it to work.”

Later in the piece, Danny Bibi relates one of his own unconventional and perhaps more controversial business philosophies: “Drum up the business and then work on the customizing a solution after,” he asserts, going on to describe his position as “the reverse of the thinking of a venture capitalist or the thinking of large companies with hierarchies” and “more of an entrepreneurial bootstrap mentality.” If a company builds a solution first and then tries to acquire a client who ultimately passes on signing, he reasons, that company has just wasted a lot of time and resources.

Regarding what excites him, Danny is quick to answer. “I think what excites me is being able to run a campaign and build custom campaigns for enterprise level advertisers and being able to outperform companies like Google, Facebook, and Bing and others who have a lot more resources than we do,” he says, joyfully embracing the role of underdog. “I love hearing that we outperformed Google.”

To learn more about Danny Bibi and to read the full text of his interview, people can visit his personal website.

About AdMedia:

Danny Bibi is the founder and president of AdMedia, a performance-based advertising network company that helps clients to scale their business and their voice online. AdMedia owns and operates about 150 websites within their network. The California-based company has also created more than 40 different web traffic products, including, a product that creates text ads that compete with Google Adsense, and, a product that connects advertisers directly with consumers and studies consumer responses. It also constructs mobile advertising products that show ads based on each individual user’s location. AdMedia specializes in creating effective, wide-reaching advertising campaigns without being dependent on Facebook or Google Ads. The company uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide the best possible returns on advertisement to their clients.

Danny Bibi
Founder and President, AdMedia
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