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Dr. Raymond Rezaie Discusses Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy During COVID-19 and Beyond

Find out the insight and wisdom of Dr. Raymond Rezaie as he discusses healthy habits for children, especially during the pandemic

MONTREAL, QC, UNITED STATES , April 14, 2021 / -- With the recent COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe, people everywhere have been more confined to their homes. With lockdown measures in place and schools switching to virtual learning, children are facing additional problems with their health. The lack of social activities combined with being in front of a screen for school is contributing to a spike in children’s obesity.

Dr. Raymond Rezaie, an expert in Family Medicine and working with children’s issues, recently published an article focused on overcoming childhood obesity. There are steps you can take to help your child during COVID-19 and beyond to be healthy and happy. With Dr. Raymond Rezaie leading the way, you can get the advice you need. Here are three of his recommendations that are sure to help your child avoid obesity (or begin to shed the unhealthy weight if needed).

Model Good Behavior

Dr. Raymond Rezaie recognizes the power of a parent’s example. That’s why he encourages all parents to take action themselves to eat a healthy diet. Show your children how much you love vegetables and fruits by eating them also. In addition, let your child help you cook in the kitchen with you while you make healthy recipes.

Dr. Rezaie encourages parents to put aside processed foods and cook with whole and fresh foods, which will teach your child healthy habits well into the future.

Help Them Find an Activity They Love

Many times, children don’t exercise because they aren’t doing an activity they really love. If you can help your child find a sport of activity that they can enjoy doing, they will stick with it, advised Dr. Raymond Rezaie. You can even join in the sport or activity with them to help them achieve their goals.
Also, screen time should be limited, which is especially difficult right now with COVID-19. More children are staying inside on their devices than before. However, you can and should limit the time.

Keep Unhealthy Snacks Out of Reach

Dr. Raymond Rezaie suggests that parents can help their children avoid unhealthy junk food by not even purchasing such things. If you don’t have it in your home, then you won’t have to worry about your child getting their hands on it.

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