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Robert Shumake Donates 3k books in Ethiopia for HIV Orphans

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2021 / -- Robert Shumake has always wanted to make the world a better place, not just for himself and his family but for as many people as possible. Over the years, this Detroit business person has become acclaimed for his dedication to helping struggling African countries and recently donated 3,000 books to Ethiopian students and orphans ravaged by HIV and AIDS. He and his team also did much more to help this area regain its central pride.

Why Robert Shumake Donated So Many Books

Ethiopia has struggled heavily throughout its history. Plagues, droughts, famines, and much more have ravaged the country. Even worse, Robert Shumake has watched in horror as the country is devastated by AIDS and HIV. This disease has killed millions in this country over the years, a problem that Robert Shumake knows has left many children as struggling orphans in a hard time of need.

As a result, Robert Shumake – a lifelong international business person and philanthropist – made a trip to Addis Adaba, the country's capital city, to provide much help to the country's HIV and AIDS orphans. First, Robert Shumake and his organization made sure that the young orphans (around 3,000) received food supplies, clothing, essential toiletries to protect their health, and other items for their overall well-being.

Once there, Robert Shumake met with the learning center's project manager to discover that it only had 50 books to share among thousands of students. Robert Shumake donated a full curriculum of books to this learning center, providing each student with every book that they needed to enhance their education and become stronger and more well-rounded adults within their life.

These books are critical for recovery in Ethiopia, Robert Shumake believes. Healing starts in small ways, and education is essential as the base for this process. By educating the masses and teaching them how to take better care of themselves, and inspiring them to strive for more, these individuals can take their country to the next level and recover more fully.

And this giving didn't stop at the books. Robert Shumake and his team helped restore other school areas by creating painting supplies from recycled oil cans and bamboo, creating paintbrushes for students to use. They taught the students how to perform these steps, which Robert Shumake believes is an essential lesson. Knowing that life can be better will make students strive to reach more after they graduate.

After these steps, Robert Shumake and his team then painted the center an extremely bright blue to make it easier to find and more appealing to potential students. Now, this learning center serves as a source of hope and pride for those in the area. And it is just another example of how philanthropy that builds from the ground up helps people in impoverished regions strive to achieve more.

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