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Intuitive Nutritionist Dr. Barbara Birsinger to be Featured on Close Up Radio

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2021 / -- You can try one diet after another and never be happy with your eating or your body.

Research shows conventional diets fail a remarkable 98 percent of the time. Even when we lose weight, most all of us gain it all back and more. Why this is the case is complicated for the individual, yet driven by the weight loss industry which has “shaped” the culture.

Dr. Barbara Birsinger is passionate about helping people end their struggle with the frustrations of disordered eating and weight-related behaviors through intuitive eating and a behavior “decoding” method she created.

We were born knowing how to eat – including when, what, and how much at any given time. This is called Intuitive Eating. As soon as caretakers interfere with this innate ability by imposing outside rules to eating, we begin to lose our inner compass and listen to the outside world - often not our choice as children.

This is where food cravings and rituals associated with emotional and compulsive eating begin, sooner or later. Our culture also tells us that we should restrict foods to be a certain size or weight to be acceptable. And the dieting begins, a never-ending compulsive cycle of food preoccupation and weight loss – weight gain, ending not at the starting point, but often worse off in terms of physical, mental and emotional health.

“The body always knows what it needs for nourishment; however, these signals can get out of sync, and the good news is that they can be restored,” says Dr. Birsinger. “Eating intuitively transforms dieting into inner wisdom and guidance. It helps you find freedom and peace around food and joy and vitality in your body.”

For those who struggle with body image issues, food anxiety and dieting, Dr. Birsinger’s holistic approach helps her clients self-regulate their eating and nutrition while stepping into a place of greater peace with their body. Intuitive Eating and her Behavior Decoding Method™, also called The Food & Body Code®, can reduce the anxiety, depression, and obsessions that accompany eating and body issues, while helping people be more compassionate with themselves.

Dr. Birsinger’s transformational work is based on 30 years of extensive research and clinical practice, after healing her own eating disorder over 35 years ago. Today, her goal is to reduce the stigma around food and weight, and body image. New research is now showing that it is the stress of stigma that causes greater health risks, not weight itself.

“We're all just a little bit disconnected from the neck down,” says Dr. Birsinger. “The method I developed is a process of self-discovery. It’s about transforming our behavior into something sustainable and motivating.”

According to Dr. Birsinger, in order to resolve our disordered eating and body image, we must first decode what triggers our behavior.

“As a nutritionist, I say there's no such thing as junk food (as long as it is actually food): there's nothing wrong with eating foods we love – as long as we listen to our own body about what and how much. And it's the frequency and amounts of foods in relationship to the average daily intake, that determines whether we are eating ‘healthy’ or not,” says Dr. Birsinger. “As you're reaching for food, ask yourself: ‘What am I feeling right now?’”

When we eat emotionally, it's usually a feeling that we don’t want to experience. Food can become the number one way to sooth unwanted emotions, even if the positive emotion that we are seeking only lasts minutes or seconds – it feels better than what came before, and this starts the habit.

Decoding our food and body habits allows us to go into the symbolic meaning and purpose of what we do - unwanted or even detrimental – and find its intended positive outcome. Finding what it is we truly desire reveals to us the keys to transforming those behaviors into lasting health-promoting self-care practices – uniquely our own!

This is incredibly motivating, inspiring and empowering – a new Ah-Ha! Moment that creates new neural pathways for sustainable change.

Dr. Birsinger has combined the best of intuitive nutrition, psychology, mind-body medicine, behavioral science, neuroscience, and biology, with aspects of spirituality and energy work, to develop her Behavior Decoding Method. The method helps people through the pain of disordered eating and body image by decoding the thoughts, behaviors and beliefs in the reach for the feeling better in the moment.

Though that process, we can stop the harmful diet-weight cycling and reach our natural state relying on our own inner wisdom and guidance. Dr. Birsinger offers this work to individuals and also health professionals who want to learn the method.

She currently teaches the method to other licensed health professionals – psychologists and other counselors, nutritionists, and physicians - as well as Health and Wellness Coaches, called The Food and Body Code®. She even has a new course for decoding other habits such as alcohol cravings and rituals, our critical inner voice, codependency behaviors, procrastination patterns, perfectionism and comparing - to create peace, freedom and abundance in our lives.

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