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Mint Wellness Center Miami, My Experience As A Health and Wellbeing Researcher

USA, April 9, 2021 / -- As part of my research in health and well-being, I was offered by Mint Wellness Center Miami to try their services. As a researcher I took them up on their offer, and here is my experience.

Getting rid of fat accumulations is one of the main goals for women that decide to undergo an aesthetic treatment. Especially now, that our body is our temple, and looking good is a priority.

I'm scared of any kind of surgery. Just knowing that I'll be in an operating room gives me anxiety, and I prefer to avoid it. However, since vanity wins me over, I decided to look for help.

That's how I found Mint Wellness Center (@mint_wellness_center) and was fascinated with the tour that Paula Christiansen gave me. It is a place where people of all nationalities come in search of non-invasive liposuction.

If I'm going to spend my money, I want a safe treatment with an optimized result. I believe magic exists and dreams come true in the form of Lipo Soon treatment.
This is an innovative and high-performance machine, which focuses HIFU ultrasound system that offers faster and more efficient results against localized fat. Also, it has the exclusive Skin Protect system, which safeguards the epidermis and ensures maximum safety for those who perform the treatment.

The first thing you must have is time. My schedule wasn’t easy, but the people at Mint offered me an open booking, easy scheduling, and personalized attention.

I was always attended by the same professional. Each day, she gave me information on how my body was transforming. I chose to start the treatment on my abdomen. 5 days later, I lost 7 centimeters. My skin looks smoother, and the sensation of less fat made me smile.

Every day, more beauty centers have this type of treatment. Provided with the latest advances in equipment to offer advanced techniques, they help to permanently eliminate the fat accumulated in particularly problematic areas, such as the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs.

Lipo Soon is a treatment that eliminates fat and avoids surgical intervention such as liposuction. Approved by the FDA, it helps to lose centimeters and sizes in a permanent, safe, effective, and non-invasive way. How does it achieve this? Through the technique of controlled ultrasound on fat (adipocytes).

It works with AI technology that varies the temperature according to the patient's characteristics. You lie down on a stretcher, enter a Spa that allows you to relax and feel a sense of wellbeing, and let a professional, state-of-the-art machine do its job for 45 minutes.

To reassure me, I decided to investigate if this system was approved. I found out that there were studies and research that supported this technique. The proof is backed by scientific studies from different universities.

Research has shown that fat cells are more vulnerable to the effect of ultrasound than other adjacent tissues. Therefore, it can be removed by this technique without damaging the skin. It can be applied in areas such as the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs.

Your body is undoubtedly your best tool. Feeling good and accepting yourself is the magic I'm talking about. Thanks to the Mint team, today, I now move with more confidence, and see my abdomen firmer. Now those pants that took a couple of minutes to close fit me very well.

Mint Wellness Center Miami
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By @paula.bodyart

Media Manager
Mint Wellness Center Miami
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