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Dr. Ynge Ljung of The Allergy Kit to be Featured on Close Up Radio

HALLANDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2021 / -- Allergies are the cause of many dysfunctions in our bodies. We live in a vicious cycle. absorbing allergens every day without any awareness. Even when allergies are not the main concern, eliminating them can improve our health dramatically.

The solution, according to Dr. Ynge is a more natural approach.

Dr. Ynge is the Founder and Creator of The Allergy Kit, a natural, non-invasive, do-it-yourself method to treating allergies, that brings balance and harmony to the immune system without pain, needles or drugs.

The Allergy Kit was specially formulated for a better life,” says Dr. Ynge. “The goal is to reclaim control of your health and not be at the mercy of your allergies or bad health anymore.”

Dr. Ynge’s extensive education in both Eastern and Western medicine have allowed her to create an easy, powerful and affordable way to “say bye-bye to your allergies once and for all.” With one kit, a family can treat their whole family, taking the power of their health back into their own hands.

Born and raised in Sweden, Dr. Ynge graduated as Chemical Engineer, but nobody at that time hired women engineers. She moved to Venezuela with her family, where she lived for 17 years, before arriving in the US in 1990, where she soon enrolled in the Traditional School For Chinese Medicine in Miami to be an acupuncture physician.

She opened her own clinic and had amazing results, but some clients did not respond as she expected.

“The patient would feel much better after treatment,” recalls Dr. Ynge, “but the ailment would come back, mostly in the form of aches and pains and especially digestive problems.”

This was unacceptable. And so Dr. Ynge began a quest to identify the root of the problem.

The culprit? Allergies.

By 2000, allergies had become more and more common, and many people lived far away from a practitioner. After treating more and more children on the Autism Spectrum, who all have allergies affecting their behavior and digestion, and many families with more than one child, Dr. Ynge resolved to develop a protocol that patients could use to treat their allergies themselves. In 2006, The Allergy Kit was launched.

“My mission in life is to educate and wake up as many people as possible,” says Dr.Ynge. “The biggest thing I want people to understand is ‘garbage in, garbage out. Eating organic food is not an option! Everybody is addicted to sugar, leading to diabetes and other auto-immune disorders. Everyone is breathing in toxins. It has led to ADD, Asthma, Arthritis, Autism, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, GERD, Hay fever, IBS. Leaky gut and more! I want to take people and shake them up. We have to stop eating toxic food, and therefore we have to change our lifestyle.”

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Ynge Ljung in an interview with Jim Masters on April 8th at 2pm EDT

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