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Stuck Indoors? How About Live Entertainment from Your Living Room With Majestic Circus

Batavia, NY, April 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- What do you do when you’re bored, have cabin fever, and need some giggles to disrupt the heavy anxiety of living through an overwhelming historical event? How about a board game? No? Well, why not have a live entertainment experience right from your living room? With Majestic Circus, you can! Majestic Circus is a live entertainment company that is completely online offering a game show-like quality for you, your friends, and family to play. Right now, for the month of April, the 80’s themed Know It! trivia game is half off its regular price, so grab your leg warmers and sweatbands and book your experience today! 

This whole month of April, the 80's Know It! is, as you now know, half off. So, this calls for an experience. For an hour, you can battle for the title of Supreme Know-It-All in 80’s trivia. “With categories like “Picture This”, “Singing Gibberish”, and “Go Figure” anyone can win and anything is possible! Get yourself comfortable and ready for laughs, surprises and a neon game like no other!” You don’t even have to be familiar with the 80’s to partake because regardless of what you know, you are still bound to have a lot of fun with RingMasters, your team, and the content. The experience was designed to leave you hyped!

Majestic Circus was founded by a number of entertainers in early 2020 to reimagine fun. Through this company, they provide super fun experiences for friends, families, and even corporate events. With four styles of games,Know It! and 80’s Know it!, Get It!, and Partner Up! The possibilities are an open ended genre of fun. Each experience is made to be unforgettable, challenging, and a little competitive creating the perfect mix of game night that will keep you coming back for more!

“We have four different sixty minute game show style experiences that are completely original and unique. We host these events for private family and friend groups or can scale them up to 200 or more participants for our corporate bookings. We do all of the organization and all that the participants need to do is click a video conference link and they are contestants in the greatest show on earth right from their living rooms,” Co-founder Kevin Noonan explains.

With each experience, the goal of fun and a little competition remains the same, however each game style, trivias, (non)couples challenges, and scavenger hunts, will have different twists, themes, and categories to choose from keeping game night anything but average. A host will be present during the entire experience to make your game night interesting and entertaining. “Whether you are planning a big night in, celebrating anything at all, or just having your weekly catch up, Majestic Circus offers a personalized experience that everyone will enjoy!” 

There isn’t an experience like Majestic Circus with as many ringmasters, entertainers, or originality. With innovation and fun at the forefront of the founders’ minds, this company was created for the sake of joy and laughter everywhere! “We are a collection of professional entertainers from all walks of life. We have actors, MCs, musicians. comedians and cruise directors on the roster. We are always looking for additional professional hosts, which we call RingMasters, so if people out there think they would be a good RingMaster, send us a message.” Kevin says. His background is specifically in cruise entertainment and brought that energy and passion on board when Majestic Circus was established.

Establish your own night of fun and games, bring your family and friends together, and boost morale at the group office bonding activity with Majestic Circus. The experience is always original, and carefully crafted for the enjoyment of the players. With trivia, trivia + scavenger hunt, and partner challenges, there is something a little different and fun for everyone and for whatever night you’re having. So, don’t forget that for the rest of the month of April, 80’s trivia Know It! is half off! Get booking for the greatest show on earth brought to your living room!

Check out the official Majestic Circus’ FaceBook Page to Sign up for a FREE event to get a feel of Majestic Circus as we will be doing Get it! Bingo on April 7th and April 14th. All of their events are listed right on their Facebook Page Events.

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