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David Koonar Illustrates How To Be a Professional Photographer With Insight for Beginners

Insights for photographers starting out from David Koonar, a professional cameraman

WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 2, 2021 / -- It can be a daunting proposition to begin the process of a photography career without help from an experienced photographer to show you how to streamline things. David Koonar, Windsor based photographer, has years of time behind the lens and a wealth of information regarding the best practices for those getting started. Luckily, he is eager to share these takeaways on his website and offers a few basic rules of thumb for folks making their way into the industry.

David Koonar gives a pro photographer's view from behind the curtain
We have all been there, starting out in a new field with only our passion and grit to guide the way. David shared an anecdote about a mistake he made in the earlier years of his career that is relatable and common for beginners. "One time I was scheduled for this on-site shoot. I was fairly well-prepared after asking all the typical on-boarding questions I have for assignments like the one I was on that day.", Koonar remarked before adding, "I had all the gear I would need for the day charged, loaded and ready at-hand. The clients were great to work with at the beginning but halfway through their boss called and made a few last-minute additions to the plan. Unfortunately, I had only brought enough batteries to shoot the itinerary we had laid out, and we had to put together a follow-up day to capture the extra concepts."

Advance preparation is as critical for a successful photography project as any other creative labor. As previously mentioned, David Koonar is a stickler about good preparation and offers a tip that new photographers can use to make their shoots go smoothly. "Ask a lot of questions up front. You really can not have too much information when going into an assignment, particularly if they are a new client.", Koonar noted. "As they say: an ounce of preparation if worth a pound of cure."

Modern digital photography is evolving all the time. While the fundamentals of photographic science have remained the same since before the days of the Eastman-Strong partnership that made Kodak a household name, the technology that is most important to photographers is an underlying capacity to remain patient and roll with the punches. So head out there into the competitive world of photography and get the shutter moving. With perseverance, you will be on your way to a solid career in no time.

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