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Corin announces global launch of OPSInsight™ preoperative planning software for total hip arthroplasty

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3D Bony and prosthetic impingement simulation based on hip/spine kinematics

Using radiodensity mapping to optimize component selection

Dynamic planning software enables surgeons to plan optimized component placement using patient-specific anatomy and biomechanical analysis

CIRENCESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, April 6, 2021 / -- Following clinical evaluation and key software enhancements, Corin Group announces the launch of OPSInsight preoperative planning software for total hip arthroplasty (THA). This cloud-based platform represents the next generation of Corin’s pioneering Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) technology, which was the first technology for THA to utilize functional imaging to assess each patient’s unique joint biomechanics, and is still the only system to consider spinal deformity in THA planning. OPSInsight, winner of an Australia’s Good Design Award®, makes advanced preoperative planning intuitive and efficient by employing visual tools and guiding surgeons through THA planning in an optimized user interface.

OPS has helped drive over 10 years of clinical research to better understand how the hip/spine complex functions throughout everyday movements, helping evaluate over 20,000 THA cases worldwide. While traditional hip arthroplasty evaluates patient needs through standard 2-dimensional X-rays, OPS technology uses a series of functional imaging to understand the patient-specific relationship between the femur, pelvis, and spine. Corin’s team of highly specialized engineers examine these images to create a unique preoperative plan in the OPSInsight platform.

Using OPSInsight surgeons access their customized plan, considering component position, type, and size, based on the OPS functional assessment and literature-based risk factors. This interactive 3D planning software boasts analytical features to help evaluate:
• Adverse pelvic and spinal risk factors
• Prosthetic and bony impingement analysis
• Leg length, offset, and alignment
• 3D component positioning and sizing
• Femoral radiodensity mapping

Studies have shown that 50% of modern THA revisions are considered avoidable and a result of inadequacies in planning and execution(1). OPSInsight can potentially reduce this revision burden by empowering surgeons to preoperatively evaluate patient risk factors and optimize component positioning. OPSInsight can create efficiencies within the OR by accurately pre-planning implant size and choice, ensuring accurate delivery with 3D printed patient-specific instrumentation(2).

OPSInsight is a key technology of Corin’s connected digital ecosystem, CorinConnect™. The personalized technologies deployed within CorinConnect generate actionable insights, pre, intra and postoperatively. These insights are combined and presented back to the surgeon on a customized dashboard, helping them make more informed clinical decision making, with a vision to improving future patient outcomes.

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OPSInsight: preoperative planning for THA