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Aqualite Muraglia Pens Novel Following Entrepreneur's Saucy Adventures

The Businesswoman

The Businesswoman

Aqualite Muraglia

Aqualite Muraglia

"The Businesswoman" faces down criminal triads, seeks her fortunes, in riveting feminist narrative

LONDON, ENGLAND, April 16, 2021 / -- In her novel, Aqualite Muraglia portrays the successes and challenges facing a talented woman in Washington. Annette Arashi, an Asian entrepreneur who must not only run her empire but also contend with criminal syndicates going after her riches. All while embarking on a journey of self-realization that leads her to question her sexuality and discover unexpected passion.

Annette inherited a small fortune from her ancestors and trebled it in a few years thanks to her business savvy. Not content with being a comfortable heiress, she made herself the richest woman in the United States and is not slowing down. Venturing into space technology, nuclear power and more, her ultimate goal is simply to keep on succeeding - to the point of crossing green power groups and environmentalists. But as if the cutthroat world of business is not enough, she must play another more dangerous game as criminal syndicates go after her riches. This leads her to build an underground vault to keep her billions safe, but this does not deter her enemies from trying to break into this proverbial fortress to take her hard-earned fortune.

These are not the only threats she must face, as perils of the heart also await Annette. While she has always been a money-oriented person, stopping at nothing to save her money and make even more, events in her life lead her to realize that there is more to it than the hustle. In the course of balancing running her enterprise and outmaneuvering organized criminal groups, she also embarks on a romantic escapade. After she questions her sexual orientation, she then winds up with her Italian dancing teacher who becomes her lover and confidante. To compound this, Annette has a secret she plans on revealing to her personal assistant and her dancing teacher - one that may change the course of their lives. Ultimately, the greatest challenges facing Annette transcend her financial concerns, instead they are matters of the heart. And for all her successes, she has no simple answer for this.

With her novel, Muraglia weaves a riveting narrative that is saucy while embodying feminist values. Her protagonist is an empowered woman, a minority in America who builds an empire, not a damsel in distress. At the same time, she shows that financial success is not the only metric of one’s actualization in life. There is more to existence than being a billionaire. True fulfillment is another challenge, perhaps greater than combating ruthless criminal groups. Moreover, “The Businesswoman” is rich in authenticity as it is imbued with the author's own life experiences, her world travels, and her struggle for success. And with this, she treats her readers to a page turner that can also serve as an inspiration, an example of empowerment.

About the Author
Aqualite Muraglia is a writer and feminist. Of Italian origins, she has travelled around the world to accrue the life experience and knowledge she used to pen her works. She has done several radio interviews and was also in XFactor in 2014.

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Aqualite Muraglia - author of the book The Businesswoman