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Dino Tomassetti, Jr. Releases Upgraded Version of Nature Photography Blog Website

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 / -- Individuals who would like to master the art and science of nature photography can now access a new and improved version of a popular wildlife photography blog site by industry veteran Dino Tomassetti, Jr.

The updated site, Version 2.0, is available at According to Dino Tomassetti, Jr., Version 1.0 of the site quickly achieved high rankings online after being released earlier this year. Because the website drew immense traffic, Tomassetti decided to upgrade the site to provided even more value for his fans this spring.

Through the site, readers can discover the top tips for dominating the nature photography field. For instance, Tomassetti encourages newbies to the field to begin their journeys with entry-level cameras. Then, once they master the features of a basic camera, they can transition to more complex digital single-lens reflex cameras.

The site additionally shows photographers how to hone their shot composition skills. For instance, on the site, readers will learn about the importance of disciplining themselves to absorb the images they are trying to capture on-screen. Only then will they notice the various composition elements of the images, which they can use when taking their shots, according to Tomassetti.

Tomassetti furthermore admonishes his readers to explore the work of senior photographers to get an idea of what works in the field. Readers can also learn from the site the many benefits of taking nature photos, including the exercising opportunities that come with traveling to photo-worthy wildlife scenes, for example.

The newly updated website continues to offer the same high-quality content that caught readers’ attention earlier this year on Version 1.0 of the site, according to Tomassetti. However, Tomassetti said Version 2.0 of the site is designed to be even more intuitive and visually appealing, thus ultimately enhancing the user experience in the months ahead.

Dino Tomassetti, Jr.
Dino Tomassetti, Jr.
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