VIDIZMO Provides Speech-to-Text On-Premise Video Transcription



A screenshot of VIDIZMO video portal

A screenshot of VIDIZMO video portal

VIDIZMO's DeepSpeech Transcription Provides Automated Speech-to-Text Capabilities for On-Premise Customers.

TYSONS, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 / -- VIDIZMO, an Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) solution, offers a deep learning-based automatic speech recognition (ASR) AI engine. VIDIZMO DeepSpeech enables organizations operating on-premise to automatically transcribe and generate interactive transcripts for videos uploaded on the platform.

VIDIZMO provides EnterpriseTube, a secure, end-to-end enterprise video content management system for commercial and public organizations, deployable on a public or private cloud, on-premise data centers or in a hybrid infrastructure. In addition to automated speech-to-text services, the platform offers several other features, such as multiple privacy options, detailed user management capabilities, video analytics, and various artificial intelligence services.

Speech-to-text is commonly a cloud service, and few video platforms support on-premise speech-to-text capabilities. Due to the convenience and popularity of cloud technology among modern organizations, most video solution providers are less focused on developing features and services for their on-premise customers, such as video transcription. However, many organizations are still wary of storing their personal data and information on the cloud for security reasons.


Several organizations such as large enterprises and government agencies are often reluctant to adopt the cloud for reasons such as Internet connection issues and, more seriously, security. Reports about cloud security breaches are relatively frequent. Just last year, Ermetic, a cloud access risk security company, reported a study from the reputed global intelligence firm IDC which found that almost 80% of the organizations surveyed had experienced a cloud data breach in the past one and a half years. Ermetic CEO, Shai Morag stated “Even though most of the companies surveyed are already using IAM, data loss prevention, data classification and privileged account management products, more than half claimed these were not adequate for protecting cloud environments,”. Leaks and lack of control over data are common points of concern among organizations when it comes to the cloud.


There are several ways organizations can benefit from transcribing their videos. Many organizations use transcription to increase accessibility, make their content more easily discoverable through search engines by increasing SEO, and meet compliance requirements such as Section 508 in the US or the European Accessibility Act (EAA) in the EU. Some organizations also repurpose video transcripts to create other content such as blogs, articles and social media posts so they can direct more time and focus on other tasks.

However, manually transcribing each video can take a lot of time and human resource investment, and outsourcing transcription services can be expensive. This can be especially baleful for an organization that produces long and large amounts of videos. Automating video transcription significantly reduces the amount of time, costs and resources that need to be invested and eliminates the chances for human error.


VIDIZMO automates the process of transcribing each video on the platform to generate accurate, interactive transcripts. Using these transcripts, you can search for content such as spoken or displayed words in a video and hop to where they occur in the video by clicking on the transcript. You can also view timestamps for the dialogue and download the transcript to your device.

You can read more about VIDIZMO’s on-premise transcription services here.


VIDIZMO is an enterprise video content management system, and digital evidence management system provider that empowers organizations and agencies with comprehensive live and on-demand video streaming, and digital media and evidence management solutions on the cloud, on-premises and in hybrid models. VIDIZMO offers a wide range of products, each one serving a diverse set of enterprise needs across all industry verticals and sectors, such as the government, corporate, law enforcement, finance, healthcare, education and more.

VIDIZMO is available in a flexible range of deployment models, where organizations can choose their video infrastructure according to their requirements. With a customer-first business philosophy, VIDIZMO offers customized integrations to allow organizations to leverage their existing IT systems.

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