Discounted HERS Rater Training Provides a Pathway for Careers in Sustainability

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Certified Home Energy Rater Online On-Demand Training Discount Extended. Provides Pathway for Careers in Sustainability.

Renewed focus on what can be done about the climate crisis has Gen-Xers struggling to find educational and apprenticeship opportunities in sustainability fields; those with the knowledge are retiring.”
— Sharla Riead, EnergySmart Institute Lead Instructor
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 23, 2021 / -- The EnergySmart Institute is excited about the renewed focus on sustainability, green jobs, and what can be done about the climate crisis. With this renewed focus, how does a Gen-Xer get involved?

There has been about a 30 year gap between the last generation that was deeply focused on environmental issues and this one. The baby boomers working in the 1970's brought about Earth Day, energy codes, passive solar home construction, and a focus on recycling and reducing our impact on the earth. Over the years the focus in our country has shifted away from those ideals.

Now that the focus is coming back, Gen-Xers find themselves without educational, mentoring, or apprenticeship opportunities in the energy efficiency, solar, and other sustainability fields. Those baby boomers are now heading into retirement.

There is an opportunity for education, experience, and practical knowledge that has been consistently evolving and growing in the sustainable field of Building Science. A Home Energy Rating System Rater or HERS Rater is a building scientist who focuses on residential construction from the energy efficiency, durability, and health aspects. HERS Raters work in partnership with builders, developers, homeowners, and code officials to verify that homes are built to be sustainable, comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient.

HERS Raters verify homes for above-code programs such as ENERGY STAR, the National Green Building Standard, LEED for Homes, Passive House, and Enterprise Green Communities. Federal tax incentives for renewable energy tax credits and energy efficiency tax credits and rebates are verified by HERS Raters. HERS Raters verify homes for national Energy Efficiency Mortgages and Energy Improvement Mortgages and work with Real Estate Agents to educate and inform home buyers.

Now that President Biden's American Rescue Plan has become law the top priorities are to upgrade existing residences and to build new energy efficient affordable residences. The need for HERS Raters for verification activities is growing nationally at a rapid pace. For a limited time, HERS Rater Certification training is being offered at a discount through the EnergySmart Institute. The fully online and on-demand training course has a $300 discount which has been extended to all who register by May 1st.

The course teaches the building science behind air flow, heat flow, and moisture flow. It teaches about indoor air quality, construction, solar energy, and energy efficiency. It provides the codes and standards training required for certification as a HERS Rater. Following the required certification training, HERS Rater Candidates receive mentored field training through an apprenticeship with a HERS Provider organization. HERS Rater training is the first step to a new career in the exciting sustainability field.

The fully updated online, on-demand HERS rater course is available now from EnergySmart Institute and is discounted to $995 for those registering by May 1st, 2021. After May 1st the course fee will return to $1,295.

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