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Royal Holiday Vacation Club Offers New Travel Destinations in Spring 2021

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2021 / -- There are many places to visit in spring 2021 that will suit a person on vacation. Whether it is an anniversary, wedding, date, just spending quality time with friends and loved ones, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club offers its members the finest when it comes to luxurious trips, fine cuisines, and quality locations with beautiful sceneries to bring the best out of the moment. The beaches are clean and have clear water that is tempting to swim in. However, the coronavirus pandemic, which shook the world in 2020, has forced some of the locations to close down. Fortunately, 2021 has seen new protocols come into play that safeguards people against being infected against the virus leading to many of the closed down locations opening up again.

Beaches to Visit in Spring 2021
Passion Island
This location is on the Island of The Swallows. Any individual can quickly locate the Island heading north, forty minutes from the Royal Holiday affiliate hotel. The beach is full of cool breeze with white crystalline sands and clear turquoise blue water. The place is suitable for couples looking to share a moment or family members as well as allies looking to strengthen their bond. There is a chapel located on the beach in case any lovers wish to tie the knot.

Caracol Beach
Some travelers may wish to visit places that are full of peace and tranquility. A good place to visit is Caracol beach. The beach is ten minutes from the Park Royal Beach Cancun. The place is also situated five minutes from Grand Park Royal and is full of shallow waters with an intimate atmosphere.

Cerritos Beach
This is a unique beach that can be found in the northern section of the coast, where there are amazing sunsets that emit light of red and orange, which in turn reflects the sand making it look golden. Here, anyone can have cool evening picnics with friends or loved ones. It also provides a cool spot for chilling and relaxing, especially in the evenings while watching the sunset.

Santa Cruz Beach
The beach is situated in the Santa Cruz bay area and is full of the turquoise water of the Caribbean that has smooth and calm waves. The sand is soft and white, glistering under the sun. The beach is a cool spot to hang out with family, especially for children, since they will find this beach enjoyable enough to play.

Tangolunda Beach
In one of the most exclusive bays in the Huatulco area lies Tangolunda Beach, with its emerald green waters as well as various recreational activities on site. There are also several restaurants in the area to provide quality and delicious meals to visitors. Those who fancy shopping also have the option of visiting shopping centers that are situated close by.

Beach La Delivery
This area is most suitable for people looking to have an adventure. Adventures are exciting, especially if a person is in the great company of friends and people who are dear. The sands are golden in color, and the water is turquoise blue. The beach also offers visitors an opportunity to take some dives and enjoy the beautiful aquatic life underwater.

Punta Arenas
This beach, recommended by the Royal Holiday Vacation Club, is over a kilometer long and can only be accessed by coming from the sea. The waters are deep blue with smooth, soft waves because the place is surrounded by rocks and hills. This location is suitable for people looking for quality privacy. In addition, the boat ride it takes to get to the beach is also a bonus package that comes with visiting the location.

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