New Report Compares Most Expensive Countries and Cities for Coworking in a 2021 Global Desk Price Index

Coworking Insights' 2021 Desk Price Index Report title page.

The latest study by Coworking Insights analyzes monthly hot desk pricing from 15,000 coworking spaces in 172 countries worldwide.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, March 16, 2021 / -- Between January 2020 and January 2021, the average price for a monthly hot desk rental at a coworking space increased by 2.73 percent globally, according to the latest report from Coworking Insights, the leading news source for data-led analysis of the flexible workspace industry.

Coworking Insights’ 2021 Desk Price Index Report compares pricing from 15,151 coworking spaces in 172 countries across six continents to provide evidence of the demand for shared workspace.

The report provides a comparative analysis of several key data points, including:
- Top 100 countries with the most expensive monthly averages
- Average monthly hot desk prices in cities representing the most inventory (or number of coworking spaces)
- Top 250 cities with the most expensive monthly averages

Of the countries that were examined, Monaco ranked as the country with the most expensive monthly hot desk price at $397 USD per month. Switzerland came in second place at $376 USD per month, and Malta ranked third at $363 USD per month.

When comparing the world’s most expensive cities for coworking, Santa Monica in California claimed the top spot, with monthly hot desk prices of $474 USD on average. Zurich came in second place at $434 USD per month, with Monaco ranking third at $397 USD per month.

This is Coworking Insights’ third annual release of its Desk Price Index, which offers year-by-year comparisons of many critical data points, such as price evolution by continent between 2018 and 2021.

As such, the report revealed some noteworthy insights by comparing four years of recent data. For example, four out of the top 10 most expensive cities for coworking hot desks were located in Switzerland, with another four located in California. This demonstrates the high cost of living and real estate prices in both markets.

“This year’s data also pinpointed an interesting trend that emerged over the course of the global pandemic,” said Madison Maidment, Chief Operating Officer of Coworker. “We witnessed a much wider distribution of leads outside of major cities that were historically the top markets for coworking. Suburban and micro markets are clearly gaining traction as the hub-and-spoke model of work becomes more popularized.”

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Kelly Konya
Coworker Inc