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The Top Ten Disruptive Male Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2021

London, United Kingdom, March 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imperial College, during their 2017 study affirmed the importance of entrepreneurship in securing economic growth across the world. Innovative, high-growth entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of this movement. According to Two Comma PR, disruptive entrepreneurs are the visionaries who change the game across a multitude of industries. During this article, we highlight the Top 10 most Disruptive Male Entrepreneurs around, the game-changers in their field.

Kim Than (@iamkimsane)

Kim Than is an entrepreneur and strategic advisor with a wealth of experience driving growth at companies of all sizes. After cutting his teeth as an investment banking analyst in Paris and Hong Kong, Kim completed his master’s degree at Imperial College London before launching into the world of startups and innovation that he’s since called home. 

Starting off as an early hire at Rocket Internet’s HelloFresh, Kim moved on to Early Metrics, where he helped clients such as Barclays, Handelsbanken, Prudential and Dai-Ichi Life rate and source startups and scaleups for their corporate venture capital arms. 

Recently, Kim founded his newest venture Sales Division, a sister organisation to his London-based growth marketing agency Growth Division, which he set up in 2020 with his partners Tom and Tristan. To date, his team has helped over 50+ startups experiment with different channels to market and find the best ones to fit their unique goals. Some of their clients have been backed by major investors including Seedcamp, Index Ventures and Kima Ventures, and include companies such SeedLegals,, Weavr and AnyTask. 

Sales Division was built around Kim’s belief in combining growth hacking strategies, innovative tools and sales talent to help create efficient internal and external sales growth hacking teams. The company has helped clients to focus down on their core niches, double their revenue in as little as 6 months, and develop the frameworks they need to succeed years down the line.

His other business initiatives include overseeing strategic and alternative investments at The Mercantile Group, a single family office based in London, serving as a strategic advisor at Venture Sports and Entertainment, a football sponsorship and e-sports management firm, and running two other companies: ThePRGenius and Sane Studios, a London-based events management company. 

During his spare time, he is also a DJ and producer under the alias 'Kim Sane’, who has released several tracks over the past years and toured all four corners of the world, playing at major international events such as Miami Music Week and Amsterdam Dance Event.

Source: Growth Division

Mathijs Eefting (@moteefe)

Mathijs Eefting is the co-founder and CEO of Moteefe. Moteefe is a powerful Print on Demand platform, designed to serve as a fully integrated e-commerce solution for selling customised products. Mobilising growth for global enterprises and independent retailers alike, Moteefe is transforming the marketplace with an end-to-end service and a reinvented supply chain.  Born in the Netherlands and based in London, Mathijs interned at Shell and UBM and was a Senior Consultant at Booz & Company before co-founding Moteefe in 2015 while pursuing an MBA at INSEAD. Mathijs is driven by a desire to promote entrepreneurship and empower creative individuals and organizations to bring their ideas to life.

The key advantage of the Moteefe service is its instantaneous and no-risk nature. Whenever a retailers’ end-customer places an order, the item is produced ‘on-demand’ and shipped out within days. To accelerate adoption of on-demand production, the company also provides customisable store solutions with integrated payments and customer care to enable retailers of all sizes to launch a new product within minutes. Nothing is produced until a customer places an order, which is then sent directly to the customer from their closest production centre. This means that there’s no need for storage, no wasted stock, and no risk when it comes to testing new products or new markets.  Services like Moteefe are vital to micro-retailers who leverage social channels to reach and sell to customers on a truly global scale. To date, the company has supported more than 10,000 retailers and sold over £100m worth of products across 175 countries.

Moteefe is the only end-to-end e-commerce platform designed for social commerce. It takes retailers mere  minutes to create and launch new products, empowering them to monetise their content and engagement in real-time. It also provides integrated data and tracking solutions so that its users can get a clear understanding of consumer behaviour patterns across social and e-commerce, re-targeting opportunities leveraging social media pixels, and an integrated advertising builder.

Moteefe’s global success is reflected in its status as a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Technology Fast 500 EMEA company. With offices in London, Lisbon and Hanoi, as well as  20 fulfilment partners around the world, the company continues to grow from strength to strength.

Al Gerrie (/algerrie)

Al Gerrie is the Founder and CEO of an innovative returns solution, ZigZag Global – a fully managed returns SaaS platform that provides retailers with a returns portal for consumers to return goods online, connecting a global network of over 200 warehouses, 400 courier services and multiple international marketplaces.

Al is an expert in international delivery and returns, technical integrations, as well as building ecommerce fulfilment and warehousing solutions with 3rd Party logistics providers. He has over 20 years retail, logistics and ecommerce experience as a consultant to major brands and is former Head of Multichannel at OFFICE, Mountain Warehouse and WeArePentagon. He was also a very early pioneer in the mobile shopping space, launching one of the first PayPal mobile shopping experiences in 2007 (pre-smartphone).

The ZigZag platform connects major retailers to a global network of over 220 warehouses to over 400 carrier services in over 130 countries. The company's clients include Boohoo Group, Selfridges, Inditex (Zara), Superdry, DHL, GAP, The Hut and many more. ZigZag Global has won a host of awards, including Best eCommerce Technology Innovation and Best Product at eCommerce Expo 2020, Innovation in Delivery and Logistics Award at the eCommerce Awards 2019, 2018 World Post and Parcel Awards for Ecommerce and Innovation, 2017 Innovation Award at IRX and the Mark of Excellence for Disruptor of the Year at the 2016 Supply Chain Awards.

ZigZag Global is also on a mission to reduce the cost, waste and friction associated with returns, boost customer loyalty and make retailers more profitable and sustainable. In recognition of this, the company won the 2017 Sustainability Award in Milan. ZigZag is also proud to be a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

To find out more, visit the company website at

Florian Brandstetter (TeleDoc) (/florianbstr)

Given the current global situation, healthcare has never been more widely discussed and captivated the attention of the general public. Hereafter, individuals will want convenience and safety when dealing with medical issues.

Austrian-born Florian and his health platform, TeleDoc, are well placed to achieve the above. Its aim is to make healthcare more accessible, accommodating and affordable for patients. TeleDoc provides the first point of contact, rather than the process of having to deal with a GP. This helps release resources at hospitals, to focus on more emergency cases. Clients can access GPs and specialist doctors and receive quick consultations, via the app.

Since the start of his career, Florian has always been extremely engaged in technology and automation, looking to improve simple processes. This ability was enhanced by studying for two Masters degrees in the United Kingdom.

The TeleDoc app is currently available for clients in Albania and Romania, and is on course to be launched in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Hungary during the first 6 months of 2021. Now more than ever, the world craves forward-thinking entrepreneurs to help tackle societal and health issues. With leaders such as Brandstetter we are confident that the bureaucratic health industry can catch up with its counterparts.

Saagar Shah (/saagarshah07)

Saagar Shah is the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of eLogii and Brisqq. At only 23 years old he joined the founding team and today he leads all commercial and operational strategy and execution in both companies. With a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath and experience in investment banking and consulting, Saagar has made a career for himself. It has been a long path since he moved from Kenya to Australia at only 7 years old, and then to the UK, where he has found success.

Saagar’s efforts have led Brisqq to become London’s most trusted delivery service provider, with over 1,000 B2B customers across various industries, including many global brand names such as Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, Hackett, Dior, Tumi, and Hermes, just to name a few. Having truly disrupted inner-city delivery forever with their unique tech-enabled model, Saagar and the team launched eLogii in 2020, an enterprise-grade delivery management software solution for route planning and optimization. 

eLogii is quickly becoming the market-leading solution for last-mile delivery management and it’s leaving behind many well-established competitors in the industry. They have happy customers all over the world, including Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. They were also recently awarded a spot on the G-Cloud12 Framework in the UK, becoming a trusted software supplier for public sector organizations, and have also partnered with other international organizations to help enable optimization solutions for COVID-19 home testing. eLogii has accomplished amazing things already, and it’s only the beginning. 

Charlie Bryant (/charlie-bryant)

Charlie Bryant is a former strategy consultant who explored his entrepreneurial spirit and found great success. Armed with a Chemistry degree from the University of Oxford, he co-founded Simple Pharma with the mission to build something unique in the healthcare industry. With his co-founder Nicolas Vennin, they have spent a combined 15 years in healthcare investing, technology entrepreneurship, and operations strategy. This has given them the skills they need to build an innovative pharmaceutical company, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. 

Back in 2019, Simple Pharma was born with the ambition to improve patient access to medicines on a global scale. Historically, pharma operations have been overlooked and underinvested in. As a result, the cost of serving patients has skyrocketed and inflexible supply chains have led to regular stockouts. With Simple Pharma, Charlie takes on a new position in the market by being a dedicated pharma operations specialist. 

How do they do this? They acquire products being divested by bigger pharma companies and integrate them into Simple Pharma. These medicines are then improved and launched in new markets, with a simplified supply chain that allows medicines to reach target audiences who truly need them. Contrary to what most pharma companies do, they accomplish this by investing in technology and AI-driven operations rather than in clinical R&D. Charlie is passionate not just about innovating in an old, established sector, but also about providing a reliable service for people who need it most. 

Dixon Jones (@jones.dixon)

Dixon Jones is a renowned internet technology entrepreneur who specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). His latest venture is Inlinks, a search engine platform based on a method for understanding and extracting entities in web content. According to case studies, the “entity” approach to SEO tends to outperform the traditional “keyword” approach because it focuses on webpages as a whole by assessing the relatedness, notability and contribution of all the different elements within the content.

Inlinks has already won awards for being the best Search Technology in 2020, and it has helped website owners make their websites much more focussed for both humans and machines. Dixon co-founded the company with a French SEO guru, Fred Laurent, who is the company's CTO and head of engineering. Working remotely, the co-founders hired world-class talent from places as diverse as Romania and Morocco. In 2021, they intend to develop the technology so that it can operate in multiple languages, including French.

Dixon's first business was writing and running Murder Mystery evenings in the 1980s as corporate team building events. But when the Internet started to gain traction in the 1990s, he seized on the opportunities provided to build a reputation as one of the UK's foremost SEO experts. He founded and sold an award-winning digital marketing agency and helped specialist search engine become a Deloitte Fast 50 business. That feat earned him two invitations to Buckingham Palace to collect Queens Awards. He has also won UK Search Personality of the year and a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in the search industry. He writes in a personal capacity at

Nikolay Piriankov (@nikolaypiri)

Nikolay Piriankov is the co-founder and CEO of Taylor & Hart, a disruptive jewellery brand that specialises in custom design engagement and wedding rings. The company is dedicated to giving everyone the perfect ring to express their unique love story. They design, create and listen to customers with a ‘no limits’ approach in order to craft rings that speak to the individuals who wear them. 

Taylor & Hart came into being following one man’s search for the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend. A friend of Nikolay, he wanted to design something as one-of-a-kind as his partner. Inspired by the task at hand, Nikolay and a couple childhood friends decided to launch an e-commerce business—known then as Rare Pink—with the intention of disrupting the bespoke jewellery market. After careful sourcing, sketching, and plenty of meetings, the company created their first custom ring, and it was beautifully unique and deeply personal, just how the customer wanted it. From that point on, a dream shared by two friends to put the magic back into bespoke jewellery began to grow. 

Today, Taylor & Hart operates globally with offices in five countries, three showrooms, in-house production, a workshop, and more than 60 employees. Nikolay was born in Bulgaria, but he grew up in South Africa. In his early 20s, he moved to Manchester to pursue a master’s degree in business. During his studies, he became passionate for marketing and successfully started several affiliate e-commerce and social marketing start-ups following his graduation. This experience prepared him for the challenge of building Taylor & Hart, and he now manages the company’s global presence by working closely with the board on strategy, leading his team, deciding on the long-term vision of the company and representing the brand in front of the media.

James Dean (/james-dean)

James Dean is a technology entrepreneur who is fascinated by the way the world works. He founded Sensat in 2017 to enable the greatest step change since the internet: the digitisation of the physical world. His work led to recognition as the youngest entrepreneur in the Telegraph’s Hot Tech 100, and an appearance on Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list. He received a BSc from King’s College London in Geography and a minor in Astrophysics from The University of California, Irvine.

James’ speciality is Satellite Sensing and Earth monitoring. He has worked with NASA’s LandSAT and MODIS satellites and collaborated with professors from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. With Sensat’s co-founder, Harry Atkinson, they came up with the idea for Sensat after he saw drones over London and realised they could take photos of the earth in much the same way as a satellite. The aim of the company is to use AI to provide industries with the understanding to shape a sustainable world by using technology to unearth a wealth of new insight to help people make better decisions.

Leading the data capture and visualisation market in civil infrastructure, Sensat builds technology that translates the real world into a digital version to help physical industries analyse and understand their environments and make smarter decisions. It does this by capturing real-world data using drone technology and creating digital representations which can be visualised in Sensat's SaaS platform. Today, Sensat's solutions are being used by leading infrastructure companies, such as Aecom, Connect Plus, Heathrow, Kier, Morgan Sindall, Network Rail and WSP. The company has raised $14.5M in venture funding to date, including a $10M Series A round in 2019 led by internet giant Tencent.

Calum MacLeod (@calum7macleod)

Entrepreneurs are well renowned for taking calculated risks and innovative business decisions. Calum MacLeod has quickly become the main name in the UK glamping business market. He is the founder of the extremely successful, North Coast 500 Pods, two stunning glamping sites located in the North of Scotland. Both have won awards for the Best Glamping Site in the UK and Best Glamping Site in Scotland respectively.

During the last ten years, camping has become a much more viable holiday option – particularly amongst holiday makers who want a more innovative, glamorous, and high-end option than traditional camping. Furthermore, building on Calum’s success with North Coast 500 Pods; he realised that there were other potential glamping site owners across the country who were in dire need of help setting up their glamping business. This led to the birth of Glampitect, a glamping site consultancy which specialises in helping individuals who want to start or grow their own sites. 

Calum’s exponential growth is evidenced by Glampitect’s work on over 200 projects over the last year, successfully navigating a troublesome time for travel businesses. He also now leads a team of 15 full time employees, which is on track to more than double in 2021. His strive to succeed is something which is only beneficial for Glampitect’s clients.

North Coast 500 Pods will open its third and forth site in 2022, and Calum’s international expansion is highlighted by the opening of his first site in the UAE projected for 2021. Glampitect are also launching in the UAE with the objective of creating the best glamping sites in the World.

Calum says “In a world of total uncertainty it’s easy to lose focus and make excuses, I ensured I did the opposite over the last year and now we’re seeing the rewards. The glamping industry has been growing at 15% year on year and this is set to continue for the next 5 years. Being the industry leaders we are able to innovate and shape glamping for years to come, it’s an exciting place to be.”

We are confident in the sustained success of all of the entrepreneurs mentioned in this article. Make sure you follow their journeys via their linked, Social Media accounts. Finally, we would like to thank Two Comma PR for coordinating this feature.

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