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Who is OnTime Books And Why Have Do They Offer Their Authors

UK, March 12, 2021 / -- OnTime Books is a successful publishing house that was founded Dimitris Christodoulou. Since being launched, the company has gone from strength to strength and has become one of the most recognized names with Greek and Cypriot authors.

The OnTime Books publishing house is the result of Founder & Operations Manger of OnTime Books, Dimitris Christodoulou’s inexhaustible faith in showcasing and promoting primarily Greek and Cypriot authors in the global literary and scientific realm of books by demonstrating their work in the English-language market.

The Compay harbours moral principles and mutual respect between its human resources and its writers-collaborators, and has a clear vision and disposes of an excellent scientific personnel and modern know-how in the fields of its activities.

Their concern is to preserve and evolve their existing collaborations and to create more beneficial multileveled international synergies, putting forth the projection, propagation, and promotion of Greek and Cyprian literary works globally in the English language.

OnTime Books is also looking for literary works that could be turned into scripts and transferred on big televisual platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon
“We have already translated and published 20 titles for which we are uniquely proud,” explained a spokesman

“Some of them are “The chip of knowledge” by Vaggelis Kaliosis, “Hemiphos – Timber’s Castle” by Stefani Iakovou, “Amy” by Marios Karakatsanis, “The Secret of Magic” by Natasa Louppou, “The Diary That Will Change Your Lives Forever” by Giorgos Zelelidis, “The Story Of A Father And Son” by Giannis K. Lampakis and “One Moment, Just An Eternity” by Smaragdis Mitropoulos.

Other books include: Philosopher and author Paul Pissanos, who wrote, among others, the books “The Laws of the Universe: In Earthly and Heavenly Life!”, nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2011 and “From Aristotle to Hawking,” nominated for the Templeton Award 2007-2008 by 10 University Professors, honours us with a collaboration concerning the translation in the English language and promotion of his entire body of work.

To see all the books they have published, visit their website:

We wanted to find out more about OnTime Books, and this is what they had to say

1. Where are you based? OnTime Books is based in Gravesend, UK, a few kilometres outside the metropolitan London and aims at the borderless promotion of Greek writership, emblematic history and culture across the globe.
2. What is your main goal? Our main goal is the targeted propagation of Greek Expression and Culture in the fields of Literature and Science on an international scale.
3. What are your Further goals? OnTime Books are to showcase the creativity and diversity of Greek and Cyprian literary creation through cultivating an intercultural dialogue in the literary world as well as to promote the Greek culture beyond national and linguistic borders!
4. You translate books don’t you? The translations of our house’s books bear the highest level of linguistic reliability and quality as we only collaborate with experienced translators, linguists, and linguistic experts.
5. Do you offer proofreading services? Yes! As a specialised imprint, among its many services, we also offer a crucial and fundamental framework of Proofreading and Editing as well as Cover Design and Layout).
6. How about distribution, can you distribute books? We provide an exemplary network of worldwide distribution of new books to bookstores?
7. So, what countries can you distribute to, can you give me some examples? Yes, we can distribute books to Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia, as well as in renowned online platforms.
8. So, what services do you provide:Translation from Greek to English, Reading and editing with the aim to avoid any lapses or errors in the essence, meaning and flow of the text. Integrated editing of the book with ideal directions concerning plot, structure, and length. Cover Design and Layout. Worldwide distribution to over 2,000 bookstores in the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. Online shopping platforms (Amazon). Targeted Book Marketing and Promotion spanning all communication channels available (TV, Radio, social media, press releases, interviews, etc.)
9. Why choose your company? In OnTime Books, we know well the magical and critically important moment of publishing a book. Seeing that the Greek market has narrow borders and limited room for evolvement and renown for authors, we are willing and able to give Greek and Cypriot writers the chance to claim a place in the international market as well as global renown!

Visit their websites for more details:

About On Time Books
They offer a full range of language services including localisation and transcription. They can provide translation in a wide range of languages and will always endeavour to find linguists no matter how unusual the language. They can translate all types of content – from business reports, to specialist material. They can also proofread content to ensure native language fluency and quality.

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