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Relevant, Relatable, Spoken Lyrics With Uplifting Music: Presenting to the World Dr. Davina's Dots

Dr. Davina Smith

Dr. Davina Smith, Founder and Producer of Dr. Davina's Dots

Creating hope and memorable messages that stay with you long after you've listened to them, Dr. Davina's Dots is all set to become the next great sensation.

DUMFRIES, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2021 / -- Dr. Davina Smith is no stranger to crisis, social isolation and being separated from friends and family. As an Army Veteran seeing people struggle with the Covid-19 crisis inspired Davina to use her podcast "Dr. Davina's Dots" to impart hope, inspiration and wisdom. One of the most iconic features of Davina’s approach to storytelling is the way she incorporates everything from pots and pans, snow and even maple syrup to teach successful life principles like resilience, courage, and the discipline it takes to manage crisis and change. She recently used a soap dispenser to teach the importance of self-care, balance, managing energy and remaining fluid and flexible to fulfill your purpose in life. Davina recently announced Dr. Davina's Dots has expanded to a 30-minute radio program where she couples her rich and relatable spoken lyrics with uplifting music to provide an escape into a wonderland of hope, positivity and encouragement to face the challenges of life.

Dr. Davina Smith is a God-loving woman, devoted wife, caring mother, and well-respected United States Army Veteran. Dr. Smith is an inspirational podcaster, global radio host and an exuberant entrepreneur. Dr. Smith is an enthusiastic reader and writer with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and excellence and a focus on helping others by empathetically providing heart-felt support to those seeking solutions to life’s questions. She has a passion for inspiring others and being a catalyst for change through personal development and growth. As the founder and producer of “Dr. Davina’s Dots”, a syndicated Podcast, Davina believes there is a lesson in everything and uses short, inspiring messages to empower listeners to elevate the mundane and experience the greatness from within that we all inherently possess … by connecting the dots in life.

Davina Smith
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