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LaneAxis Finds Perfect Fit in Pixelplex to Further Develop its Blockchain Project to Help Fix Freight Transportation

LaneAxis Network & FreightVISION

LaneAxis Network & FreightVISION



When a freight transportation expert meets a top-of-the-notch development firm, great things can happen

This partnership with Pixelplex will allow LaneAxis to... add an economic incentive layer to the system, resulting in an elegant solution that captures real value for all stakeholders.”
— Rick Burnett | LaneAxis Founder & CEO

COSTA MESA, CA, USA, March 8, 2021 / -- LaneAxis is pleased to announce its newest partnership with one of the world’s leading blockchain development firms: Pixelplex. Founded in 2007 and already established in New York, Amsterdam and Minsk, PixelPlex has quickly made a name for itself in the space and continues to grow exponentially. As a market leader in Big Data, Blockchain and IoT, Pixelplex’s value-driven approach seamlessly translates innovation into validated, functional and advanced solutions that not only stand the test of time but pushes the boundaries of what’s technically possible.

By partnering with Pixelplex, LaneAxis delivers on its promise to build a reliable and state-of-the-art blockchain project that could solve the biggest supply chain inefficiencies, while capturing and tokenizing the value of the project on-chain. With the existing experience of the Pixelplex team in building and testing feasibility of supply chain management solutions in both private and public blockchains as well as in other distributed ledger technologies, the level of speed and efficiency that can be achieved through this cooperation is unparalleled.

LaneAxis has always recognized the scalability of its project and having an enterprise-grade solution that is able to capture all of this value is key. This long-term engagement with Pixelplex, in coordination with the Kairon/Ledgerlink Labs ecosystem, will ensure that LaneAxis will always be ahead when it comes to anticipating and solving technical issues as well as anticipating market behavior.

Briefly put, LaneAxis has found the perfect mix of partners, ranging from high-end developers to market behavior specialists, to further support its project and do extraordinary things that will be recognized as a historical changing point in the freight trucking industry.

The freight industry is plagued with myriad supply chain inefficiencies. LaneAxis is solving these inefficiencies through their patented technology and is working with Pixelplex to tokenize this value, with users and a long term vision always put

High level design on the utility of the system has been done expertly by the LaneAxis team and their years of expertise.

"This partnership with Pixelplex will allow LaneAxis to further develop the existing tech stack by adding an economic incentive layer to the system, resulting in an elegant solution that captures real value for all stakeholders," says Rick Burnett, LaneAxis Founder and CEO.

Informational value can be transferred from anywhere in the world at a near zero cost. The same is now possible for transactional value. Data and smart mobile device usage, combined with an economic incentive layer allows for the next generation in value driven systems. This is exactly the LaneAxis value proposition. The partnership between LaneAxis and Pixelplex will transform the current global trucking industry by eliminating inefficient brokers and redistributing the value captured.

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