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Eight Global Women-Led Retail Tech Companies Launches Fashion Technology Collective

FutureProof Retail, Hafta Have, Heuritech, Becoco, ZOOMLOOK, Change of Paradigm, Sozie, and Reflaunt join forces to launch Fashion Technology Collective

NEW YORK, NY, USA, March 8, 2021 / -- Fashion is a business that offers uniquely high-touch and very sociable consumer experiences. In the wake of COVID, where social distancing is necessary and indoor gatherings can be dangerous, the lively fashion industry faces an unprecedented challenge to its business operations. The pandemic magnified both online and offline business hurdles. Conversations about existing externalities and the future direction of the fashion industry also became way more prominent.

Last year, out of hundreds of fashion technology solutions, New York Fashion Tech Lab (NYFTL) and their retail sponsors selected the eight best fashion technology solutions that can help brands and retailers modernize both their online and in-store experiences: FutureProof Retail, Hafta Have, Heuritech, Becoco, ZOOMLOOK, Change of Paradigm, Sozie and Reflaunt.

Within a month of their cohort's launch, a global pandemic disrupted fashion retail business and, subsequently, many of the B2B companies that service them. These eight women-led fashion technology companies quickly responded to the pandemic and emerged as early fashion technology industry leaders, solving many fashion retailers' pain-points.

While collaborating through the pandemic challenges, they realized that many of the essential conversations they are having with industry leaders about fashion's future and fashion technology are repetitive and scattered in many different subgroups. They decided to form the Fashion Technology Collective this year- a free platform that brings together the most critical fashion technology discussions from both fashion and fashion technology industry leaders.

Please join the conversations, and let's work together to build a more sustainable, prosperous, and fashionable future!

About the companies

In-Store Solutions:
FutureProof Retail offers retailers and their shoppers the industry's highest rated and adopted stress-free, touch-free mobile checkout platforms.

Hafta Have helps retailers connect the offline shopping experience with online engagement models to boost sales via SMS.

For the Circular Economy Support:
Reflaunt’s technology promotes sustainability by offering white-label solutions for brands to reclaim their second-hand market while building brand loyalty. With Reflaunt’s easy plug-in, shoppers can confidently invest in more of their favorite brands because they can always sell back used items on the brand’s own second-hand markets.

For E-Commerce Growth:
Heuritech uses consumer data from social media to help brands figure out which trends to promote best.

Becoco uses AI-driven styling solutions to focus on quickly showing shoppers the most relevant styles. They also infused proprietary styling technology into their clienteling solution that gives in-house private stylist teams 50% of their time back and helps luxury companies scale hyper-personalized clienteling.

ZOOMLOOK’s technology enables retailers to easily convert their existing still image into a photographic virtual reality experience, freely zooming in and seeing every little detail.

Sozie is an on-demand content platform that provides online shoppers with inspiration and confidence in online fashion shopping. Sozie platform enables online retailers to grow online by engaging and converting more online shoppers with employee and community generated content including: pictures of products tried-on and styled, size and fit feedback, authentic reviews, as well as recorded and live video. Sozie is the leading on-demand content platform for fashion brands and retailers globally.

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