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How to report a fraudulent 1099-G form claimed in your name in Kansas

How do I report fraud if I received a 1099-G form for a fraudulent claim in my name?

If you received a 1099-G form for a claim that you did not receive payment for due to identity theft, you can fill out a request on the KDOL Self-Service Portal under “1099 Protest/Dispute," making sure to check the box for “I want to dispute my 1099” and upload an Unsworn Declaration to declare you did not receive the benefits that were stated on your 1099-G form issued from the Kansas Department of Labor.

Here is an FAQ page on 1099 forms on the Department of Labor website.

You can also send a written dispute with your full name and last 4 digits of your social security number to the Kansas Department of Labor at the following address:

Fraudulent 1099 Inquiry Kansas Department of Labor 401 SW Topeka Blvd. Topeka, KS 66603-3182

Make sure to include the reason of "identity theft" in your written dispute and a copy of a completed Unsworn Declaration form.

Additionally, if you have not so already, go to to submit a report to our Fraud Investigation team.

Here's a video with more information.