Will international travel be the focus of new “bucket list” trips according to Matthew Keezer?

Matthew Keezer

Matthew Keezer

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, March 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Noted travel authority, Matthew Keezer, points out that there wasn’t any real warning that the coronavirus epidemic would effectively shut down the world as we know it. That means we didn’t have the opportunity to take that one last trip before having to remain at home. At that point, our only option was to dwell on trips that we had taken in the past and hope that we might be able to take other, highly anticipated trips in the distant future.

Fortunately, the “distant future” wasn’t all that distant. Currently, we’re looking at resuming travel in a post-COVID environment. While certain changes have been instituted in our “new normal” world, having to refrain from making vacation plans is not a part of that scenario. When taking a look at the opinion of travel professionals, we see an optimistic viewpoint as the demand for travel has suddenly increased to levels that were previously unexpected.

How will this affect the travel bucket list of those who are ready to escape lock down limitations?

Experts, such as Matthew Keezer, have always maintained that travel is built into our very DNA. This means that we are currently in a situation in which people are looking at trips that are now available to them at the beginning of our post-pandemic era. This also means that potential travelers are carefully reviewing just what trips they would like to take within their own country. For example, someone who lives in a colder Montana city might suddenly realize that a trip to Southern California would be more than welcome this time of the year. A person who lives in a small, isolated rural community might long for the adventure that can be found in New Orleans or Las Vegas.

When asked about other popular travel bucket list vacations, Matthew Keezer informs us that a sudden jump in travel bookings have also occurred for places in Puerto Rico and Hawaii. But there have also been an interesting change in expected travel plans beyond domestic travel. That change is seen to be the direct result of having been subjected to lock down conditions due to COVID-19.

Matthew Keezer also points out that travel to the “wide open spaces” have also been added to many travel bucket lists. This is quite understandable, when considering what it has been like when being holed-up in one’s house or apartment for a number of months. Here, Matthew Keezer anticipates a rush of travel plans in the near future that include trips to lush jungle destinations and luxury resorts.

Now that we have entered a post-pandemic era of travel opportunities, it will be interesting to see just where traveler’s adjusted bucket lists will take them. One thing is for sure, though, it will be a major relief for those who have longed to get out of their homes and see the world.

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