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Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur Patrick Bieleny Launches New Professional Website


Real Estate Investor Patrick Bieleny Launches New Website

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, March 1, 2021 / -- Real estate investor and founder of PB & Co. Houses Patrick Bieleny recently launched a new professional website. The website highlights the Calgary-based entrepreneur’s career accomplishments. Further, there is a page dedicated to the interviews, news articles, and videos Bieleny has been featured in, through which he offers insights into the real estate industry and his passion for mentorship.

The About page begins by touching on Patrick Bieleny’s career beginnings. He comes from a humble background, having been born in Eastern Europe. His family immigrated to Canada in 2010 in order to give Bieleny the opportunity to attend a prominent university. He ended up studying Business Management at the University of Toronto. However, while he was attending university and working part time as a handyman, he discovered his passion for real estate.

After graduating from university, Bieleny purchased a condo outside of Calgary. This became the first property he ever fixed up and flipped for a profit. This led to him buying, renovating, and selling more properties, with a focus on single family homes. Over the years, Bieleny came to flip hundreds of properties and his earned expertise is what inspired him to found his own real estate flipping company, PB & Co. Houses.

He is also an active member of his community and gives back by acting as a mentor to aspiring real estate investors.

The second page on his website is the Media web page. Patrick Bieleny has been featured in a wide range of publications, from Thrive Global to Home Business Magazine. He has offered insights he has learned throughout his career and into different areas of real estate like mortgages and flipping houses.

He also has a personal blog and writes on various topics like healthy eating and mental health and coping during COVID-19.

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About Patrick Bieleny

Patrick Bieleny is a professional real estate investor and entrepreneur, who currently serves as the founder and CEO of PB & Co. Houses. He is based in Calgary, Alberta, and specializes in flipping homes. Born in Eastern Europe, Bieleny and his family immigrated to Toronto. It was in Toronto that Bieleny attended university, earning a degree from the University of Toronto. Upon graduating, he moved to Calgary where he purchased a condo townhouse just outside the city. With the help of a few friends, he fixed it up and rented it out for a decent profit, making this his first experience with house flipping. After finding success, Bieleny realized that real estate was the sector for him and so he began his career, founding PB & Co. Houses, which is all about finding, buying, and flipping suitable properties.

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