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Best-In-Class Stock Screener Now Available on iVest+ Trading Platform

Latest features filter stocks by more than 200 variables and include intraday trading data

/EIN News/ -- EMERYVILLE, Calif., Feb. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iVest+, an innovator in trading platforms for educators and retail investors, today announced the launch of a new, best-in-class stock screener for its retail product Market Gear. In addition, the company is expanding its offerings to include market education and office hours.

Market Gear opens the door to the new screener, which enables customers to scan for stocks based on over 200 variables. The user interface makes it quick and easy to select stock characteristics, and deep data sources allow for efficient screening based on both fundamental and technical data.

“We looked at everything the industry had to offer and said to ourselves, ‘How can we do this better?’” said Rance Masheck, CEO of iVest+. “There are stock screeners out there, but so many of them just make you feel like you can choose between a range of prices and which exchanges the stocks are on.”

By comparison, Market Gear’s screener lets investors pick from over 200 data points and then sort by the high and low of each. This includes everything from technical data, such as price, to moving averages and fundamental data, like price-to-book, and more. The screener is even “time of day aware.” Traders can screen intraday based on average volume in stocks at that point in the trading day.

“If you want to know where the activity is in the market, the screener will make that easily available,” Masheck said. “And you can save your parameters and run them each day when you want.”

The screener is part of the Signature and Master Kits for Market Gear, which now include a 21-class webinar series about everything from technical chart patterns to complex options strategies.

“Let’s face it, people are trading options more than ever with the market volume up 70% over last year, but most don’t understand the potential,” said Chris Mercer, COO of iVest+. “Our platform is set up to make it easy, so we decided that teaching people how various strategies work with the platform was important and beneficial to them.”

Commitment to Investor Education
In the midst of increased volatility, it can be challenging for investors to navigate the market. To best serve its customers, iVest+ today also announced it will be rolling out a comprehensive educational and technical support offering for its Market Gear users, including:

  • Live webinars with topic-specific and easy-to-understand lessons and in-platform demos;
  • On-demand courses designed to broaden investor knowledge and optimize platform experience; and
  • Office hours, featuring direct access to Market Gear experts for questions about platform features, tools and strategies.

“We’re seeing record-high trading volume in the market these days, much of which is coming from retail investors who are brand new to the market,” Masheck said. “Now more than ever, it’s incumbent on us to ensure our customers have not only the tools for successful trading, but the knowledge as well. These educational offerings have been a few years in the making, and we’re thrilled to offer them to Market Gear users.”

For more information around Market Gear’s ongoing commitment to investor education, visit:

About iVest+
iVest+ has reimagined what trading platforms should look and act like, with DIY investors in mind. Purpose-built by leading educators, for educators, and to empower self-directed traders, iVest+ provides tools that act as an invisible mentor for continuous improvement. iVest+ offers brokerages, trading educators, and independent investors the only stock and options trading platforms that package powerful data and insights into portable technology, with easy-to-use tools and visuals for optimal success. For more information about the company’s white-labeled and retail trading offerings, visit

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iVest+ launches new, best-in-class stock screener for Market Gear