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Author, Natasha Murray, is Launching the next book in the Gripping Waterfall Way Romantic Crime Series - Julia's Baby

Seth Hearn in the city of Cork and Kindle Julia's Baby

Julia's Baby Paperback

The Waterfall Way series was written during lockdown by award winning West Sussex author Natasha Murray who delights in creating books you can't put down.

The question is: Can you lead a normal life if you are always looking over your shoulder for those that mean you harm. You can run but you cannot hide! ”
— Natasha Murray
LITTLEHAMPTON, WEST SUSSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, February 23, 2021 / -- Following the successful release of 58 Farm End, (Book1 ) in the Waterfall Way series, Natasha Murray, is launching the next book in this romantic crime suspense series - Julia's Baby. This talented writer, who writes books for all ages, shows her diversity and amazing storytelling skills. The first book in the series 58 Farm End, is getting some fantastic reviews and Julia's Baby has been warmly received by ARC readers.

Natasha says: "I just love writing the Waterfall Way series and I spend many hours with my head filled with scenes and dialogue as I create mayhem and twisted plot twists for my heroine Julia and her enigmatic star crossed lover Seth Hearn. Sometimes my heart bleeds for them.

Julia and Seth are on the run and they are doing their level best to remain hidden in Waterfall, a small village on the edge of Cork. Although I live on the South Coast of England, my heart and mind now dwells in Ireland. I have grown to love the vibrant city of Cork, the beautiful countryside around and of course the music which is a big part of Julia's Baby. If only I could visit Ireland physically instead of virtually - 2022 perhaps. Roll on Covid free days! Writing and reading is a joy. There is nothing more pleasing than visiting a parallel universe and losing yourself there."

The first book 58 Farm End is set in Findon, a quaint village on the edge of Worthing. The story looks at the dark and harrowing goings-on at Farm End and Crow Farm and the events that follow after Julia Bridgewater and Seth Hearn, from two rival farming families, declare their love for each other. The disturbing question is: Who killed Ivy Brown.

The next book in the series, Julia's Baby will be officially released on 12 March 2021

Julia’s Baby:

After only a month of being together, Julia Bridgewater and her hot boyfriend Seth Hearn are on the run. Fearing for their lives, they escape from Sussex and flee to Ireland with the hope of starting a new life together.

To survive, Jules and Seth must earn a living without being discovered. The streets of Cork offer Jules and Seth a financial solution to all their money worries. Hidden talents are revealed, making their bond stronger. Seth never fails to surprise Jules.

Seth, having worked at Waterfall West Riding School, hopes that the owner May will give them work. Will Moss his black cob remember him? When they visit May’s run down Manor House, Seth has the distinct feeling that something is horribly wrong.

Things are looking up, until unwelcome visitors come to Waterfall West and cause major headaches for them both. Their lives spiral out of control with disastrous consequences.

The question is: Can you lead a normal life if you are always looking over your shoulder for those that mean to harm you?

You can run but you cannot hide!


For more information about the Waterfall Way series and other works from Natasha Murray, please visit her website.

Natasha can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

About Natasha Murray

Natasha is a diverse writer with 12 published books for different age groups. She is also the founder of the UK Southern Book Show and is dedicated to helping other authors to promote their books. She recently produced an informative guide Buy this Book and Help Save the World with 95% of the profit going to charities and environmental saving projects.


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