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Bacon Marketing - Out of the Covid fire a new pig is born

Making your marketing sizzle


While businesses are holding on to budgets, Bacon Marketing has helped lots of small businesses continue to grow without the need for internal marketers.

SWINDON, WILTSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, February 22, 2021 / -- Bacon Marketing - Bringing the sizzle to your marketing.

In April 2020 Phil Bacon, like tens of thousands of other professionals, was facing redundancy. With a young family to provide for, and bills to pay things were looking bleak. Here’s what Phil said about his situation, “Four days after my son was born I was told that my job security was looking more unstable. Then I was made redundant at the worst possible time”.

A relentless job search followed. Phil applied to over 1900 jobs, dutifully tailoring his CV and cover letter every time. He even spent a gruelling 80 hours working through the application process for one job. Despite his best efforts, he was, once again, unsuccessful.

To say this was a dark time is an understatement. But there was a glimmer of light in the shadows- the camaraderie and support of Phil's growing LinkedIn network.

Phil documented his job searching escapades on the social media platform on a near-daily basis. Sharing in the hopes, celebrating the wins and commiserating the losses of others in this online community. Over time, he became somewhat of a minor celebrity; as his content marketing skills ensured his posts that contained vital advice for fellow job seekers gained exposure.

But he still hadn’t found a job.

With funds dwindling, Phil had a choice to make:

A world full of ham-fisted marketing strategies

Carry on with his job search or step out into the unknown.

Phil’s thoughts on the situation led him to one conclusion, “Most small and micro business owners had no real plan and certainly no strategy, so the answer was obvious - I could be their outsourced marketing department!”.

He saw this as his opportunity to make a real difference and become the go-to porcine for people who needed a marketing expert but didn't have the budget for a full-time team. Months of successful freelancing followed. Word spread, and it wasn't long before Phil was inundated with requests from business owners who found themselves in a bit of a marketing pigle.

Helping businesses bring home the bacon

At a time when so many marketing agencies are struggling and shedding staff, Bacon Marketing is growing, rapidly. Now, the Bacon Marketing team are 3 strong (with plans to hire more soon).

When hiring, Phil’s thoughts turned towards his local community, “It has been a tough 12 months and seeing so many exceptional marketers out on the hunt is truly saddening. While large companies are looking nationally, even internationally, I wanted to look to homegrown talent and nurture them to make them the best they can be.” Fortunately, it didn’t take long for him to find the talent he needs in the form of two local creatives.

There's one reason for this remarkable, organic growth; and that's Bacon Marketing’s unique blend of strategic input and hands-on support. This gives businesses the marketing expertise they need to secure a steady stream of new customers and maximise the value of existing business in these uncertain times.

As this growth shows no sign of slowing down, many more businesses will find the cure for their marketing woes with Bacon Marketing.

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