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Coronavirus - To fight stress and prevent Burnout with Rage Rooms and Crying Rooms in Schools and Hospitals

An initiative launched by Italian artist Colline di tristezza for the wellbeing of Health and Education workers

TURIN, ITALY, February 20, 2021 / -- To set up anger rooms and/or crying rooms in hospitals, nursing homes and schools that can be used by doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, teachers and school staff in order to relieve the stress and tension to which these categories of workers are subjected and therefore contribute to decrease the risk of burnout. This is the proposal presented by the artist with no face Colline di tristezza, a proposal that is addressed to the President of the Italian Republic Mattarella and to the Ministries of Health and Education.

Rage room and crying rooms

The rage rooms are rooms in which, dressed with adequate protections to avoid the risk of getting hurt, it is possible to break a series of objects and thus get free of the accumulated tensions. They were born as rooms inside Japanese multinationals where employees could let off steam freely, counteracting the risk of exhaustion from work.

As for the crying chambers, they too were invented in Japan (by a hotel) and are rooms equipped, among other things, with tools for watching movies and handkerchiefs, intended for women who can cry away from prying eyes to relieve stress, in this way.

Colline di tristezza suggests the idea that rage rooms and crying chambers can be used by both sexes depending on how the person prefers to release tensions. "They could also be similar solutions and compatible with the space available in the structures," says the artist.

According to the Italian artist, "we must think more about the mental health of health and school workforce severely hit by the emergency".

In addition, these rooms could be useful, if present in schools, even for victims of bullying, after the end of the pandemics, according to the promoter of this proposal. “I spoke more in general terms about school field, but these rooms could be useful even in kindergarten for educators, another category of person severly hit by the stress related to this emergency.”- he declares.
“Of course, as I clarified during an email interview with Italian news site Giornalettismo, I’m not a psychologist and this proposal was launched without the purpose of promoting destructive dynamics or negative spirals of rage. The role of psychologists and health professionals has never been in discussion.” - concludes the artist.

About the artist

Colline di tristezza from Turin, Italy, is known in his country for a proposal of a t-shirt equipped with sanitizer, named (for euphonic reason) T-Soap and other initiatives and appeals in different fields like veganism, sustainable mobility,soccer etc. Among his proposals there was one to name a street of Turin to Alessandro Del Piero, famous former Juventus soccer player. He defines himself a “not-singer” artist since he doesn’t sing his jingles (“karaoke-jingles”) or songs.

Colline di tristezza
Colline di tristezza