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A New Offer of Specialized Support for More than 1,500 Ontario Co-ops

Ontario Co-operative Association reaches agreement with the Consortium de ressources et d’expertises coopératives

GUELPH, Ontario, Feb. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Ontario Co-operative Association (OCA) is strengthening its capacity to support the development of Ontario's co-operatives by adding 50 professionals and 20 areas of expertise to its service offering through a partnership agreement with the Consortium de ressources et d’expertises coopératives. Like many other co-operative networks in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick, the OCA also becomes a member of this co-operative dedicated to the growth of collective entrepreneurship.

For Erin Morgan, OCA’s Executive Director, this is good news for Ontario's co-operative sector. "The Consortium's resources have a deep understanding of our business model. They also have specialized skills that are often not readily available," she says of the reasons for the partnership. The Consortium has been pooling expertise for the benefit of collective enterprises since 2011. Its professionals include human resources management consultants, Web developers, chartered accountants and business development consultants.

"It's always a great privilege to contribute to the mission of organizations like the Ontario Co-operative Association," says Mr J. Benoit Caron, Executive Director of the Consortium, which now has more than 110 members, co-operative associations or NPOs. He adds: "Our member networks and their members are making a real difference for individuals and communities. This is what motivates the professionals in our shared services center." The Consortium and the OCA share common values that clearly strengthen their co-operation.

About the Ontario Co-operative Association

Co-operatives are a different kind of business model that are driven by people, planet and profit. OCA supports, develops, educates and advocates for Ontario’s 1,500+ co-operative businesses. We exist to strengthen and unite the co-operative movement and we believe that co-operatives are the solution to creating stronger communities, which help to build a better world. For more information visit:

About the Consortium of Cooperative Resources and Expertise

Founded in 2011, the Consortium is a solidarity co-operative motivated by the desire to provide each collective enterprise with access to specialized services. It brings together under one roof all professional expertise relevant to the development and consolidation of collective entrepreneurship and offers it at the right cost. For more information:

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