This World Is What You Make It: A Hip-Hop Game About Self-Growth

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2021 / -- “Dream Planet” is an interactive hip-hop EP about taking on the responsibility to evolve. The game starts with a character in a desolate world. In order to see life bloom and fill the planet with trees, the user must play various mini games scattered around the map. Each mini game location features a song from the EP, with lyrics that sprout from the ground. The more that a mini game is played, the more that trees grow around that particular song. This game mechanic exemplifies the songs’ theme of putting in the work to grow. In order to be better at something, one needs to put in time and effort to see results. And if one does this in enough areas of their life, like a player would for each song inside the game, their whole world will blossom. In other words: this world is what you make it.

The gamification of this EP also serves as an exploratory device. Though the world progression component serves to highlight the ideas embedded within the music, the simple interactivity of this EP allows the user to explore the music in an interesting way. Though interactive music experiences are not new, as Nigma, Nigmatic Sound, and many others have created plenty in the past, it still feels fresh in a world driven by generic streaming services. The user is able to automate the volume of the songs, as well as stereo positions, by interacting with the content. In a world seemingly headed towards decentralization and deeper interactivity across all platforms, this feels very novel.

“Dream Planet” is the second interactive EP by NY artist Nigma, once again published under Nigmatic Sound. However, unlike his first interactive EP, “Death of a Dream Girl”, most of the songs are also streamable. 5 out of the 8 songs in “Dream Planet” are available on all streaming services. In order to hear the other 3, the interactive EP must be experienced in its entirety, as a game. With this, Nigmatic Sound and Nigma, strive to continually grow the world of Hip-Hop into tech and vice-versa, fully committed to the idea that “this world is what we make it”

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