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SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2021 / -- Scott Swanson, a Silicon-Valley veteran and longtime global infrastructure consultant to some of the world’s largest and most influential corporations, has announced the release of Bonder, a revolutionary location-based communication platform. Swanson says, “Bonder is set to change the entire social, communication, and community-building game forever. Here's why and how, and just in the nick of time.”

Bonder is a platform that brings people together online, offline, and in real-time for meaningful human interactions, immersive retail experiences, professional networking, community building, philanthropic planning, and business building. Bonder allows people to become masters of their universe without having an actual superpower — unless that superpower is the ultimate connectivity between humans and technology.

Swanson takes this “master-of-the-universe” concept one step further to “center-of-the-universe,” saying, “Place an axis around every human being and spin the world around them to help them more efficiently connect, achieve, and build a stronger and more private network.”

Bonder provides a space where users can create their own personal and professional circles without surveillance, advertising, or data collection. Users are not a data point. They are members of communities they create — and control.

“There are so many social apps,” Swanson says. “What evolves us beyond them? Our approach is different. The mentality is to provide tools that centralize the masses and helps its users build VIP Connections.

The B2B functionality is creating a space for retailers and consumers that both embraces and transcends the virtual world. For instance, you would be able to express your interest in a new appliance, walk into the store, and be greeted by a salesperson who now only knows what you want to purchase but also offers you a discount. Or, you are going to a restaurant and are serious about Covid precautions, so you order your meal through Bonder, and your server knows exactly what you want. All because you have created new communities on the platform — and you never have to worry about anyone tracking your purchases or taking notes on your buying patterns.

Additionally, Bonder is leading with contributions by providing its users the ability to donate directly to their cause without heavy overhead costs. If you donate $50 for cancer research, 90% of that money goes to research. “We have a formula that guarantees where the money goes,” says Swanson, “versus unknowns. Our goal is to build more trust in the world of contributing.”

Ryan Records, former VP for Global Starbucks Card and Payment Strategy, is an advisor to Bonder and says, “Bonder is in a unique position—social networks today are not focused on creating connections based on a close proximity. In addition, it's difficult to find an app today that people enjoy using, while also driving customer loyalty for a wide array of merchants.”

Bonder was built by the San Francisco-based STRV, the software design and engineering company that also created Tinder and Grindr. The app is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

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Scott Swanson, Bonder CEO and Founder

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