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‘Growth in visual collateral now playing vital role in Healthcare communications and education’.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, February 22, 2021 / -- ISEBOX, the multimedia delivery specialist, today announced it will be launching a new initiative to facilitate the delivery of multimedia content to Healthcare Press and Media.

The new service, Med-Vue, will launch in April 2021 as a trusted multimedia resource for every FDA approved Drug and Therapeutic released in the US since 2018. Offering only approved content, Med-Vue facilitates access to official imagery, videos and infographics for more effective use in news output and education.

ISEBOX CEO Marc de Leuw said: ‘The exponential growth of visual content in the last decade has fundamentally re-shaped how information is consumed. Med-Vue tackles the unique challenges Drugs & Therapeutics companies have in successfully delivering visual collateral to Healthcare Media. Compliance and regulation, combined with ring-fenced IT, makes it difficult to get the right content into the right hands. Med-Vue addresses all these issues to accelerate information flow in a secure environment.’

Research undertaken by ISEBOX identified a variety of problems preventing Media access to official drugs & therapeutics content. These include lack of visibility, firewall lockouts and download issues. Additionally, content sourced from search engines runs the risk of being unauthorised, inaccurate and out of date.

Med-Vue addresses these issues by guaranteeing only official content is accessible from a secure, centralized source. A Pipeline Directory for drugs in development is also included in the service offering.

Med-Vue launches in April 2021

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ISEBOX was launched in 2012 to service multimedia content delivery to press and journalists from Comms and PR. Healthcare clients include J&J, Gilead, AZ, Bayer and Janssen.

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