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Stephen Varanko III Featured in Article on the Power of Collecting Vinyl Records

BALTIMORE , MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2021 / -- Stephen Varanko III, a leading business expert, was recently featured in an article on why vinyl records may be one of the most exciting objects for collectors to lay their hands on.

In the news article, the writer explains that from a young age, his friend Varanko was always ahead of his peers when it came to business and technology. For instance, he reportedly started his own business and even had his own smartphone before his peers did. However, one thing that especially set Varanko apart from other people his age was his zest for collecting old vinyl records. In fact, this unique passion of Varanko’s fueled the article writer’s own desire to start collecting vinyl as well.

The writer explains in the article that when both he and Varanko were younger, Varanko had a close companion who owned a record store. The two of them therefore spent many Saturdays rifling through old vinyl record collections to see what albums they could find. They were then allowed to play records in the store if the building was quiet. These moments are caused the writer to develop an affinity for vinyl.

The article writer further explains the multiple reasons why he loves vinyl so much. For one, he enjoys the artwork printed on record covers. He also loves the unique sound that a record produces when a person is listening to a full album. In addition, he describes the process of listening to music on vinyl material a “ridiculous” and thus intriguing concept to him. These unique aspects of vinyl ultimately catapulted the writer in the world of vinyl record collecting.

The writer additionally emphasizes in the article that he still enjoys talking about music and vinyl records with Stephen Varanko III in their spare time. He said he hopes to inspire others to also consider tapping into the power of vinyl record collection in the months and years ahead.

Stephen Varanko III
Stephen Varanko III
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