Tour Leaders Peru Adventure: First & Only Company Offering Tours to Peru with a Registered Nurse

The travel company provides all-inclusive guides to Peru with the added security of a licensed medical professional to rely on.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2021 / -- Tour Leaders Peru Adventure is pleased to announce that their all-inclusive tours to Peru now have the option of being accompanied by a Registered Nurse. According to company c0-founder Natalie Conde RN, who is a Registered Nurse herself, many travelers nowadays are more than ever concerned about their health and safety when traveling abroad.

“With a licensed medical professional at your disposal 24/7 for the duration of your trip, you will have peace of mind knowing that if you get sick you can immediately access the care you need,” says Conde. “We are also very familiar with the pharmacies and private clinics in Peru, and we know which hospitals work with American medical insurance plans in the event that you need to seek further treatment.”

Conde explains that although she was born in California, her parents are Peruvian and she has traveled to the country almost every year, choosing to live there for three years after graduating high school and later returning to the U.S. to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Conde’s husband Cesar is Peruvian, who has worked in the tourism industry since the age of 16, and was a licensed Tour Guide for many years before moving to the States.
“Between the two of us, there’s not much we don’t know about Peru,” Conde adds. “We are also thoroughly familiar with the tours that we offer!”

Tour Leaders Peru Adventure offers a wide variety of exciting adventure trips, including

● Inca Trail Treks

● Machu Picchu Hikes

● Peru Travel Packages

● Train Tours

● Amazon Tours

The company is proud to offer quality tours at affordable prices while providing exemplary service to its clients. For more information, visit the website at .

About the Company

Based in San Jose, California and Cusco, Peru, Tour Leaders Peru Adventure offers all-inclusive guided tours to Peru. On a mission to do good in the world, the company actively supports responsible, ethical, and sustainable travel through its business practices, and contributes part of its profits to support Peruvian community projects.

The travel company is the first and only to offer tours to Peru with 24/7 access to an English-speaking Registered Nurse.

Natalie Conde, RN BSN
Tour Leaders Peru Adventure
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