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MIX AMORE Founder Talks About Black History Month And Being A Black Businessman

USA, February 17, 2021 / -- Black History Month is an annual observance originating in the United States. This year, February marks the start of Black History Month which celebrates the contributions African Americans have made to the USA, and to reflect the continued struggle for racial justice.

We decided to speak to Graceful Grady, a successful black businessman who understands the struggles of being an African American in the modern world and learn more about his successful business.

Graceful Grady, is the founder of MIX AMORE, one of the most successful dating apps on the market. Since being launched, MIX AMORE has continued to be featured in media around the world. The dating app has gone from strength to strength and continues to match singles together to form a long-lasting relationship.

Here is what Graceful Grady had to say.

1. As a Black man, can you tell me what Black History Month means to you?
As a Black man in the U.S. I don’t celebrate Black History Month just in February, I celebrate it each and every month of the year. I respect your question but there’s not enough time to share how much it really means to me. Let me say this, it’s a time to reflect on our sorrows and celebrate the accomplishments of our past ranging from businesspeople, leaders, scholars, heroes, and athletes. Hopefully, with all the sacrifices my parents made to get me where I am today, I can be on that list.

2. The Black Lives Matter campaign has made headline news all over the world, do you believe it is making a difference?
First let me say, growing up as a Black teenager in Baltimore I have been mistakenly accused of something I didn’t do. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. It happened to me again in Atlanta as a young adult. Like many others, the list can go on and on. Do I believe BLM is making a difference….let’s just say it has opened the eyes of many worldwide and some commitments are being made but the word “Equal” is a powerful word…time will tell?

3. You are a successful black businessman; do you believe being a black person it has been harder for you to succeed?
Without doubt and I can speak on that with experience. As I stated before, the word EQUAL is a strong word. I can say that at the time of my upbringing I was raised knowing there are challenges in whatever you do but also most importantly as a Black person. For those who know me know that I believe if anyone can overcome a challenge it gets them one step closer to becoming successful.

4. You launched MIX AMORE Dating APP which is starting to gain huge exposure around the world, what is the secret to its success?
Being a problem solver. The goals of Mix Amore are to provide options for those who are open-minded to finding love (may it be with someone of your race, any other race, or country). Most importantly, we want relationships to last forever and we believe the use of social media habits (a.k.a. Twifing) in our matchmaking process will make an everlasting difference.

5. You have added a special feature where people can be matched up regarding their social media habits, can you tell me more about that?
Social media habits have become the major contributor to breakups and divorces, to the point attorneys have created Social Media Prenups! Trust me, I am not making it up. I believe the use of our patent pending twifometer algorithm, along with all other criteria for matchmaking, will lead to a successful connection. The twifometer algorithm takes into account interest, hobbies, location, and social media usage of I, 3, 5, or 8 hours a day.

6. How important is it for people to have the same social media interest when looking for love?
Great question, it’s become very apparent that it’s important because social media habits (usage) has led and continues to lead to breakups and divorces. The statistics are astonishing and it’s not just in the U.S. but around the world.

7. 1 in 3 divorces are due to social media according to a recent report, so do you believe by making sure people are social media compatible it could reduce the divorce rate?
Absolutely, being honest and upfront with someone on your likes and dislikes increases the chance of a relationship being a successful match.

8. You introduced a new video chat feature, why was the feature important?
I decided to add video chat in December 2019 (Pre-Covid 19) as a way for subscribers to screen their matches and help to eliminate the awkwardness of meeting. Now with Covid-19, social distancing, and enforced lockdowns, it’s turning out to also be fun and the safest way to meet.

9. Multicultural and interracial relationships seem to be increasing, what do you think it’s due to?
It’s becoming more acceptable, especially amongst millennials, and simply because love is color-blind. At Mix Amore, we are seeing matches between many races. This is interesting, many people immediately think Black/White when you hear interracial, but I must inform people that Black/White relationships are not in the top two…it’s Asian/White and then Hispanic/White. By the way, have you turned on the TV lately, you have commercials and shows like 90 Day Fiancé, Bob Loves Abishola, Mixed-ish, Modern Family, and The Equalizer.

10. Big business owners and well-known entrepreneurs have shown a great deal of interest in MIX AMORE, why do you that is?
They can see the “open-minded” opportunities and the unique niche. The potential of matchmaking is not limited to the U.S. but has international possibilities. Also, the real potential of really being a problem solver.
The biggest name interested was Andrey Andreev (Founder of MagicLab - which owned Badoo and Bumble), who was looking to put $100 million dollars into new dating apps, which included Mix Amore but unfortunately 2 days later he sold his holding company for $3 Billion.

11. What future plans do you have for MIX AMORE?
A lot will be decided on how soon we can overcome Covid-19 but without saying too much, overseas potential will play a big role, internal growth, and possible partnerships.

12. What advice would you give to other black people who wanted to start their own business?
Always continue to learn, find a successful role model in your business, mistakes and rejections may happen but stay persistent!

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